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Product Evaluation for REDLINE LTS2000


Well-Known Member
Jun 7, 2005
For a long time now I've had a problem not lining my putter up correctly (when I thought I was aiming at the cup i would be aiming right)..purchased the Redline based on adds because it throws a long (2-3 ft.) red line both in front and back of the putter, right on your line.

Anyway, the product does as advertised, puts a nice bright line on the ground/carpet and does help alot! BUT..there are a couple minor problems in my opinion..1) It is not real tight on the shaft (where mounted) and can get out of line easily (much better to mount at bottom of grip but still a problem). 2) Batteries need to be removed when not in use...steel sleeve inside makes connection with batteries and drains them.

Noting these problems, I would still recommend this as a good aid in proper alignment.


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