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Project X comment / question

The Salt Vampire

...and loving it.
Aug 14, 2006
Recently had the Project X 6.5 put into my irons and the Spinners into my wedges. I really like the feel of them, very easy to get and keep on line, but am struggling with distance control. My ball flight is higher than with S300s that I had previously.

I think that I have diagnosed the problem. Downwind I am a half a club longer and into the wind about a half a club shorter. Crosswind my distances are about the same. It was weird at first as I would blast a nine-iron over a green and then come back a hole or two later from the distance and come up short. I have always hit a "heavy" ball that went through the wind well, but am not doing it so much with the X shafts.

It seems to make sense that because I am hitting it higher the wind will affect it that more. This seems extreme though. If I can calibrate this (and I will) it should work out.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this with a shaft or equipment change and is my logic logical?


Well-Known Member
Aug 12, 2008
i had a sort of similar experience..when i got my irons made the guy told me he was putting in xx stiff...so i was like fine then..this going from the regular flex beginner set i had...and my ball flight on a normal swing with no shape or trajectory shaping was higher...and my beginner set the shafts are so soft the head basically made contact when u were in the middle of ur follow through...so i thought breifly i figured that them really felxy shatfs were probably so far behind me that it was delofting my club alot more...and now i hit it correctly...cause i also lost about 5 yards per club..even with the added inch in shaft length

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