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Pros Bend Their Drivers


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Feb 3, 2007
(John Daly turned a 10.5º driver into a 7.5º club so the face was more open, making a hook less likely).
Keith Sbarbaro, vice president of TaylorMake's tour operations, says bending is done for appearance as much as performance. Last year Mike Weir, for example, had a 10.5º club bent to 9º. Normally, a player would simply be fit into a 9º driver, but Weir felt his club looked too square and needed a more "open" look.

I thought bending a 10.5 to a lower loft would give it a more closed look - no?

maybe I'm confused by bending vs hand-selecting within specs??

the driver I just had for example, the spec was 9* square face, but within tolerances the loft was 8.5* and it was .5* closed

I guess you can bend anything and make it work - i am surprised to hear they can get ~3* out of bending....seems like alot when some irons can only be bent +/- 2*

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