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Puma BioFusion Golf Shoes


Not a sheep shagger.
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Dec 30, 2012
New Zealand New Zealand
ImageUploadedByShot Talk1437717375.551500.jpg

Well I've played about 4 rounds in these puppies now, all in wet ground I'll add. Not once have I taken them off to any sign of wetness. This is exactly what I wanted first and foremost with a new shoe purchase.
Something that bugged me about the M.Project shoes was the tounge often slid to one side, causing the top of the foot to expose slightly.
These shoes have a neat feature where it holds the tounge and laces tight even when untied. It has a rubber mesh and extends by the lace holes, and the laces rub against the rubber which causes it to hold by itself.
Comfort wise, it beats the M.Project shoes by a bit. Of course the comfort might go down over time but these things make my feet feel loved the whole round.
Durability I can't comment on yet but I can't see these breaking down anytime soon.
I'd highly recommended them for a new shoe purchase. I'm likely to buy a pair of the spiked version soon just because.

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