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So often everyone just wants to talk about how to smash the ball as far as possible which is great, and probably the best feeling in golf. But to be any good you have to be able to putt, and, well, to be honest im an awful awful putter.
I was hoping you could give me some advice, whether it be practice drills, swing thoughts, or techniques, anything to help me play the green better i'd greatly appreciate it. I strike the ball fairly smoothly thats the one thing i have going for me but as for gauging line and length im hopeless. Im getting pretty fed up reaching the green in regulation only to end up with a bogey or double bogey



Well-Known Member
Jul 7, 2005
Putting woes

It is best to get the speed right vs. the line.
A putt missed with the wrong speed will typically finish much farther from the cup than one missed with the wrong line.
When warming up I hit balls to the fringe of the putting green from various lengths to ingrain the feel for the speed, without the stress of trying to sink it into a cup.
Once I've gained this feel, I end with several 3 to 4 footers just to groove my short stroke direction and build confidence that if I end up within this length I will make the next.
As for reading greens, the simplest way to get the general overall break is to imagine a bucket of water being dumped on the cup and project which way the water would drain off. This will help you visualize how the last couple feet of a putt will roll.
Good Luck--4Aces


Well-Known Member
May 23, 2005
Putting is a very individual matter. I have no advice to give so I'll just relate what I do. It's a rare thing for me to three putt. It's one of the strongest aspects of my game. But I never practice it. And I spend hardly any time reading the green. I walk up from whatever side is the shortest distance to my ball. As I'm walking I look at where the hole is. Then I step over the ball, look at the hole again, then I lean over and then hit the ball.

By any measure of what the smart things are to do in regards to putting, I'm a complete idiot. But it works for me.


El Tigre Blanco
Jul 26, 2005
Look at each slope between your ball and the hole, and decide how your ball is going to react to each one. There's no way to become good without practice, though. Always arrive 15-20 minutes early to a game and hit that practice green with your putter.

Speed IS more important than line, usually. You should try to make it to the hole, or maybe a foot or two farther. Do NOT hit the ball hard to try to make it go straight (it might go a bit straighter if it's going fast, but trust me, it WON'T be worth it), just take it slow. If you're REALLY bad, use your first put and make an honest effort to get close. Going from 3-4 putting down to 2 putting every hole should make a nice improvement to your score.

Use your first put to get within, say, 3 feet. Then sink it. Have fun!