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Question(s) about Bags



I have a few questions, all bag related. This year I’ll be carrying 14 clubs as I just got a new Cleveland Gap Wedge for Christmas. With 13 clubs and my current Taylor Made stand bag I’ve always had a problem getting the clubs put back in the bag easily as the handles would jam up. I’m sure with 14 clubs it’ll be way too frustrating. So …… I’ve been looking at new bags and while all my clubs (except the gap) are Taylor Made, I was looking at their bags, nothing gets me too excited. I started looking into the Ogie bags and found lots of favorable reviews. Now my dilemma and on to my questions.

I’m 46 and don’t walk and carry my clubs anymore. I either ride or use a push cart (Bag Boy 3 wheeled type) so I’m questioning the need for a stand bag. For those that have switched from a stand bag to a cart bag, do you miss it? I’m thinking the stand is still useful at the range, loading and/or unloading from the car, etc….. thoughts?

Second question is if I stick with a stand bag, does the 9” opening with the Woode system handle 14 clubs without “fighting” to get them back in or is the 10” offered on the cart bags better suited for a full set?

Last, I really like the cart bag “Ogie Stinger” but it’s almost 11lbs, is that too heavy for a push cart? Should I go with perhaps the “Ruckus” (my next favorite), which is 2 lbs lighter?

Thanks, Peter


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Aug 30, 2004
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If you're not walking, get a staff bag and a pull cart. They make ultralight pull carts these days, weight shouldn't be an issue.

For me, the function of the bag is worth it's weight in gold over snubbing one bag over another based on weight. Carry bags are light for a reason, because you're carrying it. But staff bags always have bigger pockets, and more room for clubs. The latter being a problem of yours, as you indicated.

I have a stand bag that I use with a pull cart when i get lazy, which is alot. I carry 4 woods, 8 irons and 3 wedges, plus my putter during practice rounds. The shoulders get sore after 18 holes in the heat. So, I pull my bag instead. Makes a huge difference. My cart weighs about 2 lbs. Literally. It's aircraft aluminum and ultralight plastics. My stand bag doesn't weigh much, but I have used a staff bag as recently as last septembet to try out and I liked it.

Go pick out a bag that suits your needs as a golfer. Then, get a pull cart, the lightest one you can. It will last for a long time and be worth the sacrifice of the stand bag.

Hope this helps. I seem to wear out stand bag quickly too until I went with the new Woode from Callaway and the end of 03. Still kicking and looks great.



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Thanks for the reply .... I have a push/pull cart already that I got last year. It's the Bag Boy 3-wheeled type and it rolls VERY easy. I like this type of cart a lot vs pulling a 2-wheeled type. I had a very light, simple 2 wheeled for years so I've been able to experience both.

As I understand it Ogie makes the Callaway bag hence the same Woode system.



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Aug 27, 2004
By all means, if space is an issue, get a cart bag. The weight won't be an issue if you get a good cart. As you mention, the Bag Boy makes good cart.
My parents uses the Sun Mountain 3 wheel bicycle tires push cart, and it's wonderfully easy to stroll around with.
For the driving range, I wouldn't bring the whole bag. I just bring 6 to 7 clubs for practice, but I guess that differs for everyone.

And welcome to the board Peter :)


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Thanks for the welcome. Never thought to use the hopefully replaced stand bag for the range, good idea. I don't hit all my clubs when I go.



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Aug 27, 2004

I can speak to the Woode system 9" top.

A month ago, I got an Ogio Grom II stand bag with the Woode top.

My background/requirement: I walk and carry half the time and ride half. I needed a good bag for both. We do not use pull carts -carry only.

I love my bag and can tell you FWIW that the 9 inch top in my Grom easily accommodates my clubs.

I have a driver and three fairway metals - each with their own headcover. As you know these are in vertical column on the side and no irons can hide underneath.

I have three rows of three irons each and the putter in the top slot.

FWIW - In my Grom, I have a full rainsuit with plenty of room for more "stuff". It has pockets galore. The golf ball pocket is Not zippered. It is hinged with a spring load closing mechanism. No need to have a two hand operation to put balls in or take them out. Has a handle on the outside. A very practical design element.

The last thing I like about this stand bag is - it will "Free stand". Unlike a Ping Hoofer, which must have legs extended, this bag will stand up by itself in the corner of your storage room - taking up less space.

I agree that a cart bag is what you need since you don't walk but think you would be happy with either Woode top....


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Aug 26, 2004
I am still partial to the bennington system.

It's a crappy pic but you get the idea. no contact between irons, this might be good for forged clubs instead of troublesome head covers.

Bennington golf


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Thanks guys! You have convinced me to go with the Ogio Ruckus cart bag. The Stinger is too much bag and I don't need that silly system to "angle" your bag if it's in a riding cart. Beside the Woode system the other features of the Ogio bags are real nice like the zipperless ball pocket, the rain hood, etc.... now, do I spend the extra $20 and get my name embroidered on that Ogio is offering.

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Oct 24, 2004
Hi beck and welcome to the board.

If you where to go for a ping bag and money isn't a realy option then I would advise a ping hoofer 3 I carry 14 clubs and have no bother getting them in or out. You could proabaky fit a couple of jumpers in it and no more and itis not good in the wte, but I always use it in the summer.

The other option is to go for a tour/cart bag I switched in october form my ping hoofer to a Mizuno 10.5 tour bag and this is just unbelieveable I can fit 2 sets of water proofs in and have all the space you need and more, also the clubs have more than enough brething space and you could porbably fit many more clubs in it if you tried, it is also great in the rain with a see through hood and good for keeping your clubs dry. It is quit pricey but worht every pennie and it looks good.

I also have a Nike cart bag this bag is big enough if you don't usually carry a lot of additional clothing and it had great club dividers. These are my personal experiences and I like all the bags.

Sorry I couldn't help on any other bags.

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