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quirky pre shot drills ?


Well-Known Member
Aug 3, 2005
I'm trying to get into a routine of doing the same thing every time i hit a shot as i keep being told that this is paramount to consistency. What pre-shills to you guys do or any funny little, twists,turns,shimmy's, flicks or whatever, i don't know maybe you even pass wind prior or durung the backswing !!

for example:

stand behind ball and visualise shot
stand with ball in centre and feet together, then part feet
clun in front of you to make sure it's straight - then twiddle a bit
ground club
check grip
miss ball
hit wife (joke that one - honest !!)


Fac ut gaudeam
Supporting Member
Sep 1, 2004
freddyboyhouse said:
then twiddle a bit

Works for me. ;)

Tends to put others off their game though. KA is still in therapy after our last game...


Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005
The commercial where thet are pulling up their shirt sleeves is me. I want the shirt to be very loose.

I drive my regular guys nuts because I have a check list I go thru.
Check spine angle
Make sure the angle of the shaft and my hands are the same
Make sure my weight is correct
This only takes a few second but I can do it without much movement so it appears to them I am frozen over the ball.
I check my alignment one last time and then let er rip.


Keystone Conesure
Jul 17, 2005
Set up to ball, take one step back then back up to ball. Set grip, waggle two or three times then set and rip.


I don't have a handicap.
Dec 5, 2004
Get behind the ball, pick a target and visualize target line, then pick a spot about a yard ahead of the ball on that target line to use for alignment when I set up.

While behind the ball, turn and set up about a yard back of the ball and take two practice swings, focusing on keeping my head down and getting my weight through. Take one last look down target line, hold club in right hand and tap twice on the ground, move forward and step up to the ball with the club in left hand (always go in left hand first to prevent myself from setting up too open), check Grip, Alignment, Stance (GAS) based on intermediate target a yard ahead of the ball.

Then I focus only on taking it back nice and slow and trust my swing and let it rip.

Follow the ball flight into the trees, ask playing partners if they saw exactly which tree it went in near, cry a little inside.

Seriously though, the whole procedure takes about 15 seconds, despite what it sounds like. The quieter people are, the faster I can go.


Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005

That is how I got my screen name.
Hit ball, ask if anybody saw it, they say you are OB.
Tee up another and hit it, turn and ask if anybody saw it, they say you are ob again.
After awhile as soon as I teed a ball up they would say your obagain before I even took a swing. LOL
It stuck and 20 years later my guys still call me obagain, only now I take their money at the end of the round:D


I don't have a handicap.
Dec 5, 2004
Hah, that's awesome. I like to bring a big stack of red stakes with me whenever I play. Makes life easier sometimes ;)


Feb 20, 2005
i stand behind the ball pick a line then pick a spot about a yard in front of the ball .
move up beside the ball look at the target take 2 practice swings get over the ball line it up with the short spot then look up at the taget twice then spit and swing.

the spit thing is just stuck with me from my old chewin days and even since i have quit about five yrs ago i still do it.also whenever i get out of the vehicle i do it. just 16 yrs of habit that cant be broken.


In the Lumbar Yard
Jul 3, 2005
obagain said:
I drive my regular guys nuts

That's an odd one. Must be difficult to find playing partners after doing that a few times. How do they keep them on the tee?


El Tigre Blanco
Jul 26, 2005
My friend josh sometimes complain that it takes me a long time to set up when I hit the ball. But he usually quiets down when I hit a 4 in 2 and I'm within inches of the hole. A 3 wood to the chin works just as well if I'm feeling hostile.

My brother's setup is so odd.. he hits the ground like baseball players do when they're ready for a pitch, and his feet at address are so far from being on the target line it really makes me laugh. He slices so bad I've left the course with multiple lacerations to my torso more than once.

My pre-shot is still under construction. Usually I step up to my address position with the ball, have a look at my target, then take a step back. I look at the target when I swing, not the ground (this is usually with a green-able shot), and it REALLY helps me to feel how hard I should be swinging. It's made me very competant with my pitching wedge (a club I used to think went way too far) and I'm using my SW a lot more off the fairway. After I get a good swing down, I look at the ground and take a couple swings to make sure I'm getting low enough. Then I take my step forward, have a couple looks at my target, and let 'er rip.


El Tigre Blanco
Jul 26, 2005
A question I pose to those who follow:

Specifically, what is your putting routine, fellas? I find that to be the weakest part of my game (usually more than half of my strokes are within 25 feet of the pin). I can read the breaks alright, but once I'm standing over the ball I just can't make a clear line straight to the pin.


Handicap is to high!!
Mar 23, 2005
mine is well and truly set in i think! :)

first of all and most importantly, visualise the shot and give it a couple of swishes (usually done while other people are pissing around choosing clubs!)

walk up to ball behind it, pick target line (usually something easy to spot again near the ball.) then walk to the side of the ball, put club down facing target line, separate feet, wiggle a bit with the hands, one last check to make sure I'm happy with everything then let her rip! :)

SilverUberXeno -

me personally (hey I'm no pro!) tend to work out the breaks etc replace ball with either text at 90 degrees to me (if i really want to make sure i get square impact!) or text pointing at the break if its a big mover (i dint like getting up to a ball and aiming 4 feet left of a pin, always think i have done to much.)

couple of practise swings for the speed i want, then stand over the ball and just try to nail that putt!


Be The Ball
Feb 22, 2005
My pre shot routine is, I go back a few steps and pick a target and then take a few practice swings then I walk up to the ball get aligned one more time and then let her rip.


Well-Known Member
Jan 4, 2005
Two practice swings, Square grooves to target, hit the damn ball

Putting-read break, line up text with putting line, 2 practice strokes, in da hole


simplicity vs complexity
Apr 8, 2005
2 very abbreviated easy practice swings just to get a feel of the things I am currently work on with my swing

stand directly behind the ball to visualize the target and the shot

tap a spot behind the ball that makes a straight line to the target

square up my feet to the visual line

look at the target and square up my shoulders

get my feet comfortable

couple waggles

swing thought (usually swing slow and go easy)

then off I go

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