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R7 Tips & Tricks?


Well-Known Member
Jun 12, 2005
Hey All,

Finally sprung for the R7, and I must say I love it. Couple of questions though. First, if I do re-shaft (I have the stock shaft in stiff currently) what we recommend? I have hit an NV 65 and thought it went too low. Also, what do we all use to get the sticker residue off the shaft? If it was steel I wouldn't worry, but with the graphite shaft I am worried about any thing chemical. Will soap and water do the trick?


Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005
Try a nvs instead of the nv. It is a high launch mid spin. If you want low spin try an accra, that is what I have in my r7.

You can get the sticky stuff off by squirting a little wd40 on it then wash it with soap and water.

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