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Ramblings on the Golf Industry


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Oct 18, 2006
I forgot!
United States United States
Our club had its annual meeting last night. I was otherwise occupied, but got the complete report when I went to play this morning. Understand, our area has not been hit hard by this economic downturn. We've really lost very few jobs. However...
Course revenue this past year was down almost 15%. No raises for course employees. Annual dues are going up a few bucks. The Country Club in town is being sold to a management company, as they can no longer make ends meet. Times for golf clubs are tough!
Our course has lost almost all its corporate memberships. The local banks, etc. are no longer coughing up golf memberships as a perk for employees. Many of those businesses have had memberships to both our club and the Country Club. They are not dropping one. They are just getting out of the corporate golf memberships completely.
Our course manager has been on board for 28 years. He's seen ups and downs in the industry, but says this is the worst that he has seen. His take is that golf's problems are hitting home. In his opinion...
1. Golf takes too long to play. People no longer are willing to spend 4 -5 hours playing a game they may not be successful at.
2. Golf is too expensive. People are being much more discretionery in their spending habits. Folks are nervous. Taxes, gas, food... things are getting more expensive and golf is not one that is a necessity.
3. Golf is no longer "cool". Folks would much rather play video games or spend time on their computer than play golf.

What can the golf industry do to "revive" itself? Is the golf industry willing to make the changes necessary to save the game? Will golf ever have the interest it had from 1970 to 2007????


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Nov 18, 2007
i am close to about 20 courses.. private ones really took a hit last year and this year.. poeple just keeping social me,berships and dropping golf. = i play one round a mnth and it is a $700 round - if you run the math.. what i hear mostly.. mens leagues are down..
--prices dropped big time on public courses and still hard to find 3 others to make a foursome.. wild time it is. i have friends at myrtle beach area and they say many courses being sold for land- condo's going up etc..
--equipment has come down- a good thing..
all seems to be cash flo for golfers.. jobs-families- take precedent..

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