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Regular flex and 100 mph?



Hello all,

Thanks for all your help on my Wishon vs. Nike dilemma. I decided to go with the customized Wishons and love 'em! Couldn't be happier. My Nike Blades will be on eBay shortly!

Now I'm debating whether to go with a regular or stiff flex YS-6 in my next driver. I want either the Nike Ignite 410cc or the Titleist 905T 10.5 with the Graphite Design YS-6+ shaft. After being measured at one of those True Temper shaft labs, I was told that I should be playing a 4.5 flex on the Rifle scale even though my swing speed is 100 mph. Apparently because I have a smooth tempo and a distinct pause at the top of my backswing, I don't load the shaft very much. But looking at the GD website, they say that a 71 - 83 mph swinger should be playing regular, and a 84 to 98 mph swinger is a stiff. I know I could probably take 10 mph off that chart to compensate for my tempo, but does anyone know whether the YS-6 shafts play softer than most others? Any experience with these shafts would be most helpful. Thanks!


Well-Known Member
May 2, 2005
Im not real sure about this but i have the 905T and was told because of the shaft through head that a reg-flex shaft is more like stiff and stiff is more like x-stiff. I have the NV 65 in mune and love it. Hope this helps any.

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