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Reid Lockhart Wedges


Well-Known Member
Jan 30, 2007
I've seen these wedge heads on ebay for cheap for a few months so I decided to take a chance on them. They have a dual bounce system with a spin milled face. Rifle 4.5 spinner shafts with Winn grips.

The build went well and they balanced well at 35" at D2 for the 52* and 60* and 56* at D6.

Since its winter here in Wisconsin I have not hit them other than chips and full swings into a garage net. They feel nice. Some residue on the face after full swing. The aggressive milling does concern me. They may be ball shredders. But when I compare the "feel" to the Maruman and Vokey wedges the seem to have the same touch.

I did hit a Eidolon 56* wedge in Texas, (see central Texas golf post John's wife gave him a set for Xmas). The Eidolon wedge did well on a hardpan lie. The delofted the club getting into the reduced bounce area and picked the ball very cleanly. I'm hoping these Lockhart's will do the same thing.

These clubs are Stainless steel so the milling should last. The milling is deep so if I can spin it with these I'm not going to. Just hope the ball does not get too furry.
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