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Reshaft Hogan Hybrid


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Apr 29, 2005
I wanna pull the steel Apex #4 shaft from my Hogan CFT 3h. It's feeling wrong after some changes to my swing & other clubs in my bag. I've lost confidence with the club.

I'm a fat old man, swing my driver about 90+\- (haven't checked it lately, but my swing speed is increasing from mid 80's about a year ago) & fight a slice.

I've got NS950 stiff in my Titleist 822OS irons, & they feel pretty good to me. Smooth 6 iron gets me about 150 in the right direction. The NS950's hold up when I need a little extra.

On the other side of the Hogan, a Ping TisiTec 5 wood w/ Stock r-flex 350 cushin. I hit it pretty well (200-220) when I don't try to overpower it. I take what this club gives me, I'll lose the shot if I try to hit it hard.

I hit pretty high balls with everything & want a graphite shaft that'll give me a low, controlled shot with the Hogan. I want a club to hit into the wind, and on tight holes from the tee.

It's a .355 hosel (I believe) and looks like there's not too much to choose from. Aldila Gamer R-flex looks like it might work. Anyone have any experience with this shaft or have alternatives I haven't found?


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May 17, 2005
I've had great success with lightweight steel. I'm using the True Temper Crossfire on my Hogan hybrids and my fairway woods. They have plenty of kick, like graphite, but are more controllable and it's easier to feel where the head is on the swing with the heavier shaft. I haven't give up distance, but I've gained accuracy.

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