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Reshafting options


just a chip and a putt
Oct 26, 2005
Looking for some help, this is my first post.
I am looking to reshaft Cobra SS370driver and Callaway Steelhead Plus 3 wood. Stock shafts are Aldila HM Stiff Mid kick and Calloways own graphite regular flex.
I am a 54 year old 10 handicapper with 95mph swing. The 3 wood behaves the way I would like and the driver leaks slightly and although 9.5 degrees goes very high and I could sacrifice some of that.
I was thinking Graffalloy blue but the choice are endless. I am led to believe the regular leans to stiff which would suit my driver. Am I correct, and what other suggestions please.


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
I will give you my two bits on the Grafalloy.

It plays super stiff in bore thru shafts. A stiff shaft will play to near X-stiff in the 3 wood should you go that direction. But, a bore thru will stiffen a shaft by half a flex anyways. Just FYI.

I've heard lots of guys say that the NVS is a decent shaft for those between 90 and 100 mph. Lower torque and good kick to get the ball up. Maybe go have a swing with one of those, see how it feels to you.

Your best bet is to try a few out, even with other heads. You'll at least get the feel of the shaft from it. Most heads these days are so close in feel that it's strictly an asthetics thing moreso than a performance one. Try out a few shafts, see what catches your eye, er, hands.:D



Well-Known Member
Aug 23, 2005
Welcome Caveman: when you say your 9.5* driver hits the ball very high, how high are you talking about? Most golfers have a strange idea of what high is. If you ever go to a tour event, you will be amazed at how high the pros hit the ball with a driver. What most golfers think is too high, is much lower than what the pros hit the ball. I've got a pro at one of the driving ranges where I practice, he hits an 8 iron 200 yards, High as a kite, and 200 yards. He kills the ball with a driver, his carry is around 325 to 340 yards. And oh yes, he hits the ball a lot higher than I do. He hits the ball higher with his driver than I do with my 3 wood. And my launch angle with my driver is around 14.5*, which is about right for me. His is higher, and it just flys forever.
Before you decide you can give up some of your high ball flight, I'd recommend you have your launch anlge checked on a launch monitor and find out how high it really is. You might find out you could gain some distance if you hit the ball higher than you are now.

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