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Hello fellow golfers,

I am a newbie and have just purchased Taylor Made 320 irons regular flex with rifle shafts. Can anyone tell me what is the significance of the rifle shafts and how it is different than normal shafts? Is one more preferrable or better than the other? Thanks a lot for your time.


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Aug 30, 2004
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Welcome aboard, kind Sir!

Rifle shafts are just another brand of shaft out there that is available. They offer a "stepless" series, which basically eliminates the stepped look of conventional iron shafts that you see on alot of clubs out there. Precision offers this as a performance feature, but take it for what it's worth. It supposedly offers tighter ball dispersion (less spraying of the ball left and right).

Rifle makes great stuff. They offer a greater range of adjustability in terms of shaft options, using a decimal system(3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 ect) versus a Regular/Stiff/X-stiff option like Dynamic gold and most other steel iron varieties.

If you're looking to compare the two series of irons, a 5.5 Rifle stepless plays to "about" the same as a Stiff Dynamic Gold shaft. They are pretty close in terms of weight as well, the DG weighing in at 130grams, the Rifle at 123grams.

I love the feel of Rifle's wedge shafts. They feel like they launch the ball prefectly with them.

I wouldn't say stepped or stepless are prefered, I think it's all personal taste. Good pick up with the TM's, they're a great iron.




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Mar 29, 2005
The rifle shafts are stepless, a steel shaft with steps will flex with the steps. A rifle shaft will flex where your swing dictates. They do tend to feel stiffer than regular steel shafts so you can go to a softer flex and be ok.

The design of the inside of the rifle is like that of a gun barrel, hence the rifle name, which will create a better feel.


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thanks a lot guys.....oh yea by the way..just wondering if this is a good deal..i picked up the sorta used TM 320s for 170 shipped?...good deal?

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