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Rock - It's time for a RockVo Meeting


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada

Thanks for the link.

If, and when ;) , I come, i'll go through Oklahoma. Nicer drive. That northern part of the US and Canada around Winnipeg is boring. Land of 1000 lakes, big deal. We have about 5000 lakes here.

I figure I could cut the trip down to about 29 hours. I have a friend that drove to Denver in 20 hours. I don't get tired when I drive. And since i haven't seen that area of the US, it would be pretty interesting.

Now, if i could just win that lottery to get some time off..... :D


-what happens if i miss the meeting? Can you just tell the other investors i'm golfing and hocking equipment? Please? ;)

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