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Ryder Cup.....makes me wanna puke


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Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
Here's what i hate about the Ryder Cup and why i think they should change the format. Please don't read anything into this, I am in no way trying to start and arguement, i'm just more curious about others thoughts:

1). Americans always get super fired up about this tournament, when based purely on talent, they should destroy their competition. The fist pump has killed golf, especially when it's supposed to be a gentleman's game.

2). The outfits. Who dresses these guys? They have lights and mirrors in the dressing rooms, right?

3). What about other countries? Shouldn't they have a shot? I think the Pacific region could field quite a team themselves. The Aussies and small Islands have some good golfers......Vijay, Choi, Scott, ect. Even Canada has a few guys that can hit the ball too.

4). The week leading up to the Ryder cup is always a slow week in golf and all you hear is about how "emotional" it has been in the past.

5). I wonder why this tournament is so big in the US. They've only won or tied all but 7 times in the last 75 years. Great. It's like watching a Mike Tyson boxing match circa 1986.

6). There should be a special rule that you must include 2 rookies in your team. That would be an awesome way to get some exposure to some little known players and would increase competitiveness on some of the lesser known tours.

7). What about letting fans vote for their players? Wouldn't it have been great to see Big John or Peter Jacobsen (as an example, of course) playing over there in this stage of their careers?

Just my opinions.

Talk amoungst yourselves.



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Aug 27, 2004
You forgot that redneck Sutton....

And the President's is IMHO better than the Ryder. :p


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Aug 27, 2004
Here's a few thoughts....

1) I think players on Both sides get very fired up - not just the Americans.

And Yes - I agree, based on talent the Americans should have won more. There is a great article in the current Golf Digest about this.

Several reasons why the Americans have played below their potential...

A) The Psychology of it. They are heavily favored and have a "must win" mentality. The Europeans have a "nothing to lose" mentality. American players enter the Ryder Cup dreading a loss. Europeans enter the Cup thinking, "If we lose, it is OK because on paper, we are supposed to lose. That will make it that much sweeter if we win". Think of playing golf with a sense of dread.

B) Europeans are used to having "national teams" that play other countries in sports (soccer). Americans do not. All American sports are played within the country or (to a limited extent) against a few Canadian franchises like Toronto, Montreal etc. So (outside of the Olympics) American teams do not generally engage in international competition. The Europeans do in the World Cup.

2) I agree. I think the shirts suck.

3) There is no doubt that other countries could field great teams. In particular, Australia, Canada and (in particular) South Africa could be very competitive.

It just wasn't organized in this fashion way back when.

Golf as we know it now - was started only about 120 years ago and the Ryder Cup was organized not much after that - 1926.

Maybe a World Golf Cup is in order. But how would you organize the teams? The Ryder Cup became competitive only after The Continent was added to Britain's players a few years ago.

4) No doubt the week preceding is slow.

There is also no doubt that it IS highly emotional. I have never seen so many grown men (on both sides) cry in my life. Now we can debate WHY it is so emotional - but I think there is no doubt that (for whatever reasons) it is indeed a very emotional event from the players standpoint.

5) I think one of the reasons it is so big in the US relates to 1B above. It is one of the very few venues in which Americans are competing as a National Team against other countries. While we do participate in World Cup Soccer, soccer is not a big sport in the US. Football, basketball, baseball are the national passions.

Next, I think it is big because so many people play golf throughout their life. Middle aged geezers like myself are competing once a week or so and can relate (to a small extent) to the Ryder Cup participants. This undoubtedly fuels the soccer bedlam in Europe where middle aged men's teams still play the game to some extent.

6-7) I think you should pick your best players period.

I love the Ryder Cup. I love the fact that the players receive no prize money. I like the fact that it is played every other year.

I think a World Golf Cup would also be fun with (perhaps) other Continental teams organized and included...

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