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Seeking Advice from the Resident Club Hizzoes

What Brand of Clubs Should I Vow My Loyalty To Now?

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Mors Ab Alto

New Member
Aug 28, 2006
Alright, by some strange cosmic alignment, I convinced SheWhoMustBeObeyed to let me get new gear. This includes a new bag, new push cart, but most importantly, new clubs. I cannot replace my putter, because she seems to be the only one in the bag worth a $h!t. So that said, I am looking for a whole new set. As of right now I have made up my mind to put a 3 wood back in my bag and dump the 16* hybrid (good from the fairway, but just not long enough to step in when the driver goes to Mexico). I have also been practicing with my 4 iron and can hit it pretty well, so I am only looking to get a hybrid 3 iron. I still want 4 wedges (PW-LW), and I want to go back to more of a "player's" set, with less offset and a thinner topline/sole.

Now, I have $1000 (give or take a nickel), and I figure I can get a few clams for my current set (to use towards more golf related junk). Unfortunately, I have this weird golf club OCD type of disorder which requires me to have all of my clubs be the same brand (except for my putter, but she's exempt to most of my club rules).

So, here is the list of club sets that I am currently eye-humping. I will be getting fitted for these so don't think I'm one of those guys who buys his clubs off the rack. I just need a friendly peer pressure induced push to help guide me towards my next set of clubs. Your help is appreciated. Oh yeah, All you PING fans are going to hate me, but I can't play PING (my best friend/worst enemy plays PING, so, you know).

3 Wood
3 Hybrid
GW, SW and LW

695CB/775CB (need to hit them to decide between the two)
Vokey Spin Milled

R7 460 TP
R7 Steel
R7 Draw
RAC TP Combo

CLK Fli-Hi
MP-R Series

HiBore XL Tour

FT-5 Tour
X-Tour Vintage


Ho's from Rocky Mount, NC
Supporting Member
Jun 15, 2005
Don't rule out custom fitted, made for you components from brands like KZG, Wishon, Infiniti or others. You can get some mighty sweet sticks. I have a complete set of Wishons from the Driver right on down to lob wedge that are MOI matched for me. In fact, I need to switch my signature back to Wishon driver as that is back in the bag at the moment instead of the 905R.

I am sure some one like LyleG can fill you in on who to see, what to look fir etc.


winter ho'in
May 21, 2006
id reccomend the titleist with driver,3wood,2h,3h,4-pw, 54,60. youd see appx. 30-40 yards from the 3wood to 3h, and the 2h will fill that. having less wedges that you can master all sorts of shot with is more effective, because there is less choice and confusion when choosing which club to hit and shot to hit.


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
Get a Super4 in 9.5* (your 7.5* is insane, dude).

Then, get a Bridgestone or TEE fairway 15* and a TM headcover for it.

Then, buy a set of MP-60's (used) and a sharpie to mark "Taylor Made" on them.

Snag a set of Mp-R's or Cally X wedges and you're set.

I used to be OCD with my bag too, but then I went loco. I'm better for it.



Well-Known Member
Feb 3, 2007
" Unfortunately, I have this weird golf club OCD type of disorder which requires me to have all of my clubs be the same brand (except for my putter, but she's exempt to most of my club rules)"
This is foreign to me, anyone else face the same situation?I feel if you must stick to a brand Callaway hands down is your best bet.


Supporting Member
Apr 16, 2005
A lot of guys are going to recommend what they play. I'd obviously recommend what's in my signature below, but not everyone is going to like Bridgestone and Yes. My only real 100% safe recommendation from my bag is.

MP-60, this one is pretty obvious, there is not a more forgiving forged players CB out there. I'm pretty certain this is widely accepted fact. If Mizzy isn't your thing, and prefer Titleist go with 695 CB. You want less forgiveness, play TM Rac CB

Drivers - get to a range and demo like Me and WBL did. What works for me was shit for him and vice versa. There is no magic stick here bro.

Wedges - Vokeys or Clevelands. Newcomers Mizuno and Cally are making a splash. I prefer a light wedge that is FIRM, short game is so individual.

Putters - let's not even go there, waste of time.


Well-Known Member
Feb 5, 2006
If I had to play all one company... Titleist for sure. Everything else would leave me with something I wouldn't like somewhere.


PGA Class A Professional
Supporting Member
Jan 18, 2006
United States United States
Being somewhat biased, I would go with Taylor Made, lots of options to say the least.


Golf Course Designer
Aug 9, 2006
For taylormade, the tp combo set, you mean the set from 2003?

Ill vouch for them, they are a great set although ill admit im after something else, but just dont got the $$. If you wana get bridgestone j33 blades ill trade you:D

Id have to say taylormade if your guna be anal about the 1 brand thing, they have the most options.

Man, your scaring me though, the michelle wie comments, the eye-humping comment, gota chill man;)


Carrollton, TX
Supporting Member
Aug 20, 2005
United States United States
Since you do not need a putter, I would recommend Srixon. I have hit their wedges, irons, and driver and they are the real deal. The wedges were so good, I bought two and put them in the bag. The 506 irons are awesome, and would definitely consider them if I ever bought a set of OEM irons. I did not take too many swings with the driver, but it did not do anything to turn me off of it. It felt pretty solid.

Tour Edge has some great stuff as well. The drivers, fairways, hybrids, and wedges are awesome. I have hit or owned all of the above and would recommend them to anyone. I have yet to hit any of their irons, but the new Exotics line looked sweet.

If your going to hold us to the ones listed in the poll, I would go with Callaway. They just seem to have a pretty solid line up from the top to bottom of the bag.

Pa Jayhawk

Well-Known Member
Nov 15, 2005
I had that disorder when I bought my last set. Big mistake for me, that I shortly realized when there were pieces I just did not like for my game, so it came at the expense of my game. I soon realized the mistake.

That being said, if I ever had that crazy notion again I would likely once again go with Pings, yet by the end of this year the G2 and the Wedges are likely the only that would stay in my bag for certain.

From that list Cleveland would be my choice, although I do not personally care for their irons, I also would opt for the Launchers in place of the HiBore. I further would likely opt for FW's in place of Hybrids. Their Drivers, woods, and wedges are certainly not far outside of a coin flip from being easily fit in my bag. Titleist may be next, although I pesonally hate the Vokeys and their woods may be too much club for me. I personally really like the Mizuno irons an wedges, but if I were told I had to carry their woods as well, I would look elsewhere.

On the other hand, you seem to like TM based on your current set. They would certainly be close to the bottom of my list, although they have enough options to be consistent throughout the set. I personally do not care for alot of the design features on their equipment, and not really sold on their wedges, but if the design features (weighting and stuff) did not distract me so much, they may be my first option. Everything is just kind of middle of the road for me, but certainly something I could live with, where some of the others I would have real issues with pieces.

Again, if I went back to that it would likely be Ping, where they now have every piece of the pie to match my needs, unfortunately I would likely need to replace my woods with ones that were not available at the time and my irons with a better set. I then would have to give up my two favorite clubs in my putter and Cobra Hybrid. Granted you mentioned you would be keeping your putter, as did I at the time. I just think as I mentioned on the TM, I would likely end up with a set that is just middle of the road for me for the sake of name. Which would come at the expense of my game.

edit 1 - I think it would be much cheaper in the long run to just get therapy now to get over this notion, because if I had not discarded that notion, I would likely need therapy now and still have pieces of my set that just made matters worse. :D


No more triple bogies!!
Oct 31, 2005
Sorry. Can't help you, since the idea of a single-brand bag is just too foreign to me. Plus the fact that everyone is different, and one man's passion is another man's poison.

Take Michelle Wie, for instance...

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