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Seeking advice on mizuno irons


Well-Known Member
Apr 13, 2008
I am debating between the 23s, 25s, and 900s. I have read many many great reviews of all 3 but still undecided. Price is not really an issue but I know the 23s can be bought for less than 250 in excellent shape, the others just 100 more or so. I've been golfing for about 3 seaons and started with ping i3 blades but sold them. I got pretty good with those but have never had any lessons. I guess I would need something in the game improvement category but for now the only thing I have to base my decision on is looks and I love the way the soles look on the 25s (with the mizuno logo). Has anyone tried at least 2 of these models and can offer any suggestions? Much appreciated.....


Dec 7, 2007
Go to a store and hit them. I just got the MP-32 and they are the best club I have ever hit. You might want to try them also. Very solid and somewhat forgiving blade.

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