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Setting up to take lessons...need advice.



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Apr 1, 2006
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That gives it a little different perspective in knowing the details, and I'm not completely sure he did anything I could really fault him for as it seemed he was simply answering your questions.

Actually, from most of what he said, it seemed pretty honest and to the point. Even more important, you asked him if he taught.

Kind of a tough call. I have always thought the best places to take lessons from are Pro's at the course, but this is not to say you can't find goods ones elsewhere. Just my personal preference.

I would doubt Dicks does lessons, but they seem to be ever changing. If they do that would be a conflict. I would also further agree that for what you told him you were trying to resolve, you would likely have better luck with a lesson than a launch monitor.

$20...I just don't get to play my round, in hopes that I learn a thing or two. I wonder if this guy is actually going to improve me or just tell me what he "thinks will work". $20....hrmmm


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Sep 14, 2007
In all honesty I say give up the one round of golf and try this guy out. It is true that Dicks hires PGA certified employees to work in the golf department. The dicks around me actually advertises his lesson services but takes no money from what he makes, he teaches through a golf course. But it is your money and your call, just do what you think will help you the most (not a LM session).

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