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Shaft fitting question..


Well-Known Member
Jun 10, 2008
I went to get fitted to a new driver and the best fit was the FT-9 tour 9.5 deg head with the voodoo shaft. I was able to pick up the FT-9 i-mix head at a good price, but now need a shaft to put in it. I am looking for a shaft that plays similar to the voodoo, but cost less. I am looking the these 3 shafts

1) GD pershing 65 stiff - similar specs as voodoo. Mid kick, about 3.5 torque, and 68g

2) GD YSQ tour AD - same price as pershing

3) Diamana blueboard 73 stiff - can get used for $50 more

I have not hit any of these shafts and my local shot doesn't have them in stock currently. Looking for anyone who has played them and may be able to compare them to the voodoo. Thanks a lot!


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