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Shaft length

Bubble Head

Well-Known Member
Oct 14, 2006
I am still tuning the distances of my clubs. I carry distances as follows:

Driver 225
15* 3w 210
19* 5w 195
22* 3h 190
25* 4h 175
27* 5i 158

I want to shrink the gap between my 5i and my 4h and widen the gap from my 3h to 5w.

My 4h is an inch longer than my 5i and my 3h is an inch longer than that.

How much distance do you all think I lose by knocking 0.75 in off of my hybrid shafts? I might even take 1.25 in off the 3h.

Would be real nice to hit the 3h 182 and the 4h 170.


She lives!
Supporting Member
Jul 3, 2006
It's very hard to tell until you've done it yourself.

These things are usually a person to person basis, :(

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