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Sharing a vendor story - ProClubs.com


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Jan 5, 2015
Fredericksburg VA & Hernando FLA
United States United States
I have purchased a number of PING iron sets from these guys via their eBay store. Usually arrives in the condition stated. The Japan Issue Eye 2s I got earlier this week were, at first glance, in the condition stated. I played 18 with them yesterday and as I was returning the Wedge to the bag I noticed it look bent at the hosel/shaft joint. Closer inspection proved me right - the head was leaning slightly off line with the shaft. Got home and checked the rest and the 9i was bent too. No biggie to me, as I was planning to reshaft them anyway, so I pulled them apart and cleaned the heads/hosels for reshafting.

A bit upset that I paid the price of a set that should be in very good condition, I emailed the seller and included a picture of the shaft tips of the W and 9i, expressing my disappointment. See below - those tips should have NO space between them. I told them that I planned to keep the clubs and reshaft them anyway, but they should be more careful in inspecting/advertising. They responded right away telling me that I could ship the heads and shafts back (apart) and they would pay for shipping and refund me fully. I accepted - they're gone. I would still buy from them but I wanted to ley you guys know, FYI. Now I only have one set of Eye 2s. :(;)



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Oct 21, 2008
I have seen a few Pings with bent shafts like that. All those years slamming them into the ground or off matts at a range can have an effect.

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