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shot 39 on the front nine at st andrews today


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Jan 4, 2005
Played an indoor golf simulator. Was absolutely on fire from 150 in. Triple bogeyed the third hole due to three $hanks in a row. Birdied the first par 5 (5th hole maybe?) and bogeyed either 8 or 9 to finish at three over. The putting was insane because of the crappy setup, but the 6 foot and in gimmes made up for it, except that it was nearly impossible to make anything outside 10 feet. Chipping was tough, but i didn't have to do it much. My driving was horrid, but overall i'm very pleased. We were also hitting targets, and i had an average of 13' after 10 shots from 100 yards out. I was spinning lob wedges back 20 feet too. It was fun. Neal

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Oct 24, 2004
Sweet how strong was the wind?

I have never played on one of those simulator things but it sounds ike good fun.

Where did you play?

How much did it cost?


So the putting was insane, the chipping was tough, and the driving was horrid. Yet you were very pleased with your game? Just kiddin, sounds like fun. They have those simulators at the heated range near me, but I'd just rather do the real thing. :usflag:


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Jan 4, 2005
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there was no wind, otherwise i would never shoot 39. I was pleased that i made 1 10 foot putt, because it was just as hard as holing a 30-footer in real life. The chipping was difficult, but i almost holed one, so i was happy there. The driving was really all i was upset about, as it just wouldn't go straight. oh, and those three shanks weren't pleasing either. It was 20 bucks an hour and i split the cost with a friend of mine(great golfer, has like a plus 2 handicap) Neal

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