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Shot of the week


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Aug 27, 2004
Last week, I played with a group in which a player had a hole-in-one but it was an uphill hole and I couldn't see it go in. It was still very exciting - everyone high fiving etc.

Today we are playing #2 which is a 500 yard par 5. I am playing with a fellow that I have been helping make some improvements in his game. He is fun to play with and tries very hard at it. He is a 25 handicap...

He is lying 3 in the fairway - 80 yards from the hole.

Takes out a wedge takes a nice easy swing and we see the ball flying right at the pin.

And then it absolutely goes off radar. Disappearance completely.

Flew it in for birdie. No rattle of the pin just gone.

His quota in the Stableford/Dogfight was only 11 points and he earned four for the birdie.

Took home some cash....

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