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shots that make you come back


Feb 20, 2005
last night during league was 1 of those nights although we got beat.(my patrner had to give 2 strokes to a guy that avg. around 50 and the guy was 2 over threw 7 lol)

my short irons were on form 120 in.1 of those nights were you picture the shot and it comes off exactly as you picture it.on 2nd hole (266) 8 iron off the tee to keep it in play then a pw form 115 to about 8`.3rd hole bad drive worse 2nd shot but left me 85 to the center on a par 5.hit aw w/ a 10 mph wind right to left played it to the center and with the wind and slope of the green finished inside a 1`.on 5 a little more then 1/2 aw to within 6`.best shortb irons ive hit since i bought the new irons.(unfortunately only conyerted the 1` putt for bird)

its shots like that.that make you run back to the course.next week im on vac. so im gonna play almost every day hopefully to repeat that perfomance with the short irons.


Well-Known Member
Apr 2, 2005
I get encouragement from trying something different after a lesson or whatever if I make an improvement to part of my game. This provides hope for the next few rounds.

There is almost always something to remember in a round that you did that was much better than how you usually play the shot. You think you can do it again, but it doesn't always work that way hehe.

It's when you hit a great shot on one of the last few holes or especially the last hole that can really get people's interest back!

Even if you do carry the improvement over there is always something that is worse the next round that wasn't a problem the round before.

That is why people are still playing.

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