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single handicapers


I hear voices
Apr 3, 2005
I remember as a young player single handicap players were pretty rare.Of course club technology has had a big part to play in reducing handicaps and now more people have lessons.
Also your handicap(in the uk) is only relevant to your home course and a lot of new courses have been built where i live.I have played with many low handicapers who just cannot handle my home course which is over 7000yrds long,but quite wide.On the spin side i play other courses and shoot low scores.
I was on a local course last summer and played to four under on the back nine(not for the first time) hmm i thought if i was a member here i would be close to scratch.But i wouldent feel like a scratch player because at other clubs i would be a genuine 3 or 4 handicap.Has any one else noticed more single handicap players at their clubs nowdays.:ukflag:


I love Hooters
Jul 25, 2005
Augusta, GA
United States United States
Single handicaps, like being blind in only 1 eye, or single digit handicaps, as in less than 10? :D


Well-Known Member
Oct 6, 2005
...and Standard Scratches in the UK. Ie. Donaghadee in County Down is par 69, but you need to be 3-better than your h/cap to shoot level 2's, 36 points.

The standard scratch on our course is one-over 73, and so the general concensious from non-member guests is that is is hard. Is is that when the wind blows, the tight lies and because of the various heights involved in playing to/from.

It will be a tad easier to get your handicap down on an easier course, even though you need to shoot 2/3 better just for level 2's, though. They are usually shorter courses only requiring short iron approaches at times, plus there is likely to be less major trouble presenting itself to you.


Well-Known Member
Mar 20, 2005
But only in the US

We hav a system that relies on handicap secs to be less than lazy,but sadly most of the time they just leave the standard scratch alone.

however,many UK clubs now have computers,you enter your own comp card and it does the rest,inc calculating the accurate sss for the day (css)

not as good as in the US but its a start.In the UK we have the phenomena of 'vanity' handicaps,players who get their handicaps on a 5600 yarder in 1972 and then never enter a comp,weird phenomenon

my course is 7100 off the tips and many UK courses with serious numbers of private members are lengthening their courses

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