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Sitting on the toilet

The master

Oct 24, 2004
I was sitting on the toilet, at 12.20am and I was just thinking, and next minute I just had a brainwaithe, about work earlier I remebered that there where to electric golf trolleys outside, that the pro shop own, and aren't usually there, so I forgot to bring them in, becuase I have to do a million other things. So anyway I jump up of the toilet, and run down stairs, get my dad to drive to to the golf club as it is a emergency and I open up the shop and put the trolleys away.

I wouldn't of been able to sleep known that £500 worth was sitting outside for anyone to steal.

Anyway I'm home safe getting ready for bed, I didn't have any money to go out tonight.

I hate when things like this happen to me, becuase I crap myself and start panacing, I think I need a few drinks to settle me nerves.


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