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Slazenger K1 Speed.


She lives!
Supporting Member
Jul 3, 2006
See, that doesn't help, I only want to try it more.

I tried a couple Slazenger balls today, really liked em actually.


Well-Known Member
Jun 19, 2006
Not managed to sit through the whole advert yet and as someone said above, if Mr Torrance wasn't involved, then it would have been dismissed very quickly. However, although the 'knife' sole looked a bit gimicky, what interested me more was the double kick shaft - is this is only driver to have this? I've got a cobra 440 unlimited and it makes some noise so this must be REALLY loud...


AKA.... Obi-Wan Ho-Nobi
Jan 4, 2006
what interested me more was the double kick shaft - is this is only driver to have this?

No the MacGregor MacTec has a Quad action shaft, only their new one is made by fujikura and looks great. (like a speeder) This is a driver i've been meaning to have a go of.


Well-Known Member
Sep 29, 2006
mmmm it was said it was the first batch that was faulty??? Well I bought one from golftvproshop last month and the head split from toe across the top then down the middle of the so called knife shape onthe top. All this after 4 rounds of golf sent it back got a full refund but no explanation.

Oh yes the sound it made was like a bloody cannon going off, it was rather off putting onthe driving range when you hit one then everyone turned looking gone out at you full noise pollution!!!!!!


Well-Known Member
Oct 16, 2008
K1 Speed - Returns process

Hi there I'm guessing that I must have one of the first batch, during quarter finals of a matchplay my K1 speed (which had been serving me reasonably well - recorded handicap 22) gave an unholy scream at the 16th - and whilst there was no external evidence of anything amiss I suspected that something wasn't quite right... still manged 240 yds plus and halved the hole to win the match... Next drives were fine although wayward...

At the driving range the next day I hit a couple and after those (still 240 yds plus - and reasonably straight) the whole head cracked and split from front to back...

My local branch of JJB closed so I have problems returning the club to the suppliers, how can I contact Slazenger head office (seems the number os a close-guarded secret)... my next match (semi finals) is next week Tuesday and I'm pretty sure I won't have time to bed-in a new stick before then... no way of getting a replacement K1 I'll bet...

As a JJB guy where would I go to 'take it back' less that 9 months used and never violently hit... (not with my swing)... It was a gift last November so I don't have a receipt...although I suppose I could chase back credit card reciepts around that time...

I do like the rescue club... short enough to be useful in most situaitons it has given me a couple of good results and some spectacular hits...

If you can advise the returns policy I'll be grateful, local shop was Harlow, Essex, UK.

Rgds StephenS

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