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So anyways... Lance is going for Seven in a row...



I think he might win, but I fear he is getting old...

He is a ruthless bastard, and I am going to root for him all the way... (got TIVO now too, gentlemen)...

He just might do it. I really believe. I have some knowledge on this sort of thing, and when it comes to racing, a young person cannot beat an older person in bike racing, much the same a young bodybuilder cannot beat an older bodybuilder...

It takes years to develop the lungs.


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
Good luck to him. What a great story.

Cyclists really get up my ass sometimes though. Our area is crawling with them...

You will be driving on one of these tight winding roads going around a blind curve (with no bailout area - just dense trees) and suddenly - without warning - there is a cyclist!!

You hope there is not an oncoming vehicle or you've got to slam the brakes.

A good friend here is one of these. He lives 4 blocks away and they get together in large packs on weekends. I prefer this because they are easier to see.

It's that lone rider that is a pain in the neck sometimes.


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
Being an ex-cross country rider, it's almost blasphamy for me to say that I honestly could care less about road riding. I really could care less. If Lance wins, great, hopefully more money will be donated to Cancer research.

I'd rather hear about a cure for cancer before Lance winning another race.

Just my thoughts....


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