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Sometimes it comes together


I hear voices
Apr 3, 2005
You know sometimes you play and all your game is there its not very often but it does happen.Most often maybe you dont putt as well as normal or the woods are just not working off the tee.Tonight every thing just worked I was par over the first 7 holes then birdie on the next a par 5 and eagle on the next hole a par 5(my second shot did a horse shoe for albatross).
We played the 10th hole again i had a par but the light started to go so we dropped to the 16th i finished par,birdie,birdie five under gross over 13 holes.Golf is such a frustrating game sometimes the golf god grants me a showing of my potential and then kicks me in the family jewels the next time i play.The round was helped by a lot of rain lately.The greens were really nice and the ball just stopped dead.I dont like running balls on to the green like we have had to over the last few months because the greens were so hard.Its a strange game.