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Southern Cal Golf Communities


Well-Known Member
Sep 23, 2006

I live in Northern CA now and my wife wants to move closer to her parents in SoCal.

I thought it might be nice to move into a golf community with a private or semi-private club. Anything from the Pasadena area south to San Diego would be considered.

Or should I look at joining a club separate from a residence? I like the idea of having the choice of playing two or three different courses instead of being stuck with just one.

All input welcome!



Carrollton, TX
Supporting Member
Aug 20, 2005
United States United States
Don't buy a house that over looks a golf hole unless you do not plan on being in your yard or mind golf balls hitting your house on a regular basis. Even houses across the street are not 100% safe from ball damage. There are some pretty bad golfers out there (I have hit my share of houses, too ;) ) and no matter where on the hole it is positioned it is in range.

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