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sssmokin and WBL outing


Ho's from Rocky Mount, NC
Supporting Member
Jun 15, 2005
I'll be in Monroe, NC around Oct 5th for a few days by my Daughter's. Going to see my new Granddaughter due this month. Maybe we can hook up for a round. Give me about 20 (golf) strokes?

Monroe is doable. I have in laws in Kannapolis and my wife always like going to see her sisters. If nothing else, maybe we and meet for some seriously good NC BBQ somewhere.


Retired and loving it
Supporting Member
Jul 2, 2006
Central Wisconsin
United States United States
A few years ago, went to my Daughter's wedding. Stopped by the ex-Wife's near Salisbury. We are good friends yet. We went up into the "Piedmont" to some barbecue place.......had live music (really excellent bluegrass) and Billy Graham's Brother and his family came in. Great barbecue and great entertainment.

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