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Standard Golf club distance measurement



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Jun 18, 2005
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:hunter:I normally hit my 8 iron a solid 160, of late I am getting a good 180-190 out of it. My clubs are ping G5's with 5 degrees loft and my clubs are all plus 2 and a half inches in length from my 60 degree wedge to my 4 iron.

The delofting thing is interesting, I actually take small movements into account with the ball and my club position for each iron. 60 degree and lob wedge are 1 inch in front of center and a club heads length under the ball.
sw/pw/9 iron are 2 inches closer to the left foot, 7 and 6 are 3 inches closer and 5/4/2/1 irons are 1 inch away from the left foot.

woods are actually 2 inches higher than irons with plus 2 inch shafts. My driver is 4 inches higher. My swing speed was lowered from 105 to 75 as I get greater distance with a steady tempo that is slightly slower with every club except the 2 hybrid iron. My 1 and 2 hybrid irons go 40-60 yards further than my drivers (I have two - a Ping G5 with 13 degrees loft and a Pinemeadow Bloc that has 10 degrees loft. My Bloc I hit further and much more accurately (the sound kills me ...) for some reason I sky my Ping to the moon and it only goes around 190-200 in the process.

All my hybrids have stiff metal shafts. My woods all have Aldilla NV75 stiff graphite shafts in them. ( I break regular flex shafts quickly)

On Tuesday I broke my lob wedge and PW at the hozel and had new stiff flex shafts put in them. (three years use before this event) Now my lob wedge plays a wonderful right to left high shot 95 yards every time. My PW with this new shaft hits the 135 marker at first bounce pretty sweetly and may roll another 5-10. My 9 iron is only a bit better, but only 10 yards better. my 60 degree wedge is good for a solid 80-90 every time....sw gets me 95-105 every time.

The guys at the range asked if they could measure some of my shots and I hit 450 odd balls over 3 days. The results they got are interesting. Average of 8 balls per club. 4 Iron 219 yards, 5 iron 195 yards, 6 iron 188 yards, 7 iron 181 yards, 8 iron 171 yards, 9 iron 153 yards, PW 137 yards, SW 97 yards, LW 85 yards, 60 degree wedge 79 yards, 5 wood 210 yards, 7 wood 200 yards, 9 wood 178 yards, 11 wood 173 yards, 15 wood 158 yards, driver (bloc) 230 yards, 2 hybrid iron 229 yards, hybrid 1 iron 241 yards.

There was a greater difference than what I was telling myself based on the best I guess. My furtherest shot was with my 2 iron hybrid - 271 yards , actually did that twice with warm ups. (fluke... I am sure)

My 2 Hybrid is a ben hogan, my 1 hybrid is a Cleveland, my woods are all Synchron II's from Pine Meadow Golf. The clubs I like hitting the best are the 2 Hybrid, 9 iron and my Lob wedge. Of the rest my 9/8/4 come close. My 5 and 6 iron and I were not friends the last year and I only just put them back in the bag as the 195 odd from the 5 is a sweet thing if I need it. For my Woods my favorite is my 7 and then my 11. I love them clubs. Hardly ever need the 9 wood though....same with the 15. Obvisouly I can only stick 14 in the bag ( I cheat and take 15)

Normally in the bag are

1 Hybrid, 2 Hybrid, 4 iron, 5 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron, pw, sw, lw. 60 wedge, 7 wood , 9 wood, 5 wood. dana putter.

in and out are the G5 driver, Bloc driver taylormade 3 woods, Synchron 3 wood and the 6 iron.

If I play a best ball I take the 7 iron out........sometimes the 9 wood. :confused:


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Jun 18, 2005
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Actually I did this one time a few months ago, hit only my 8 iron, sw,lw,pw, 60 degree and putter the whole 18 , I normally hit 98, that round I hit a 89.

My playing partners often urge me to hit only my 8 iron till I get close....

I just canae do it Jimmy!!! Seems wrong, but I know it does work.

Pa Jayhawk

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Nov 15, 2005
United States United States
my clubs are all plus 2 and a half inches in length from my 60 degree wedge to my 4 iron.
This could account for part of it as well. It would appear that your 4iron may be longer than your other clubs?

In club variations, loft of the club is about 80% responsible for the gap. The other 20% is based on a 1/2" increment between clubs. You can do the math for 2 1/2" difference. Plus I would only imagine it would make them harder to hit by going to a short club after a 4i?. I am no clubfitter but 2 1/2" seems really extreme unless your wrists are a long way from the floor. What is your wrist to floor measurement? Although your swing has to do with it as well.

Also, you can still be delofting the club regardless of ball position, not only by just having you hands further forward but making altercation in your swings.

I actually can't help but go back to the 2 1/2" addition. If you have a club that is 2 1/2" to long for you, the only way to make up for this with a normal swing and still make solid contact would be to deloft the club or move the ball further away from you with a really flat lie on the irons. ... or of course take a divot that is 2 1/2" under the ground. What color dot are the G5's, what are the lie angles?


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Feb 5, 2006
I'm incredibly impressed by how close that is for me. Cool.

Very close to mine as well. I've got a little different lofts but still very close.

It all starts with a solid swing and good striking of course. Mishits obviously cause yardages all over the map. I can also change my iron/wedge distances quite a bit while driver is pretty much the same on solid hits. Hitting a club with a 21* loft shorter than one with a 38* loft is the result of one thing, crap ballstriking.


Thats what she said
Dec 27, 2007
That is pretty spot on, except for SW,3 wood and driver. I'll hit the 3 wood about 10 yards further than it says- about 240. My driver also goes 260 when I have a good swing (which oddly enough is when I'm not on the course). My sand wedge is about 10 shorter than what they say- its like an 80. But I rarly will use it for anything that is not in the sand because going from the PW to it, it needs a lot more swing and I don't like that.

the rest is pretty spot on.


Right Curving Driver....
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Dec 22, 2007
sorry - am I the only one calling BS on those yardages - i mean.... 190yd+8 iron - but can't hit a driver more than 215...?


I was actually thinking about the 220yds with the 7-iron which is quite a distance...:confused:


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Jun 18, 2005
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7 and 8 Iron

Those numbers are correct, hence my frustration. Anyway had a few Mizuno guys look at my current swing and they asked why I play off my toes so I took my left shoe off and rolled the trouser leg up and showed em. No heel on that foot and I lost 5 1/2 inches of tibia in my plane accident in 2003, after the fixator it was still an inch short of where it should be.

Problem is the pivot and how much power I put into each shot according to them after filming it and measuring me for ideal. Accident also shortened my right arm drastically, but clubs are now at plus 2 inches, lie is down from 5 degrees to 4. New clubs are Mizuno MX200's.

For some reason with these clubs distances are what I would expect.

Only got from 4 Iron to P/W.

PW - average 119
9 Iron - Average 128
8 Iron - Average 141
7 Iron - Average 159
6 Iron - Average 170
5 Iron - Average 184
4 Iron - Average 197

They confirmed I was delofting each club radically. They are impressd with how far I can hit the 8 iron in particular on the G5 set.

The advice they gave me was to not try and hot the ball but to visualize a practice swing every time so I do not loose balance. This has made a real difference.

Driver especially.....good for 230 with this method fairly accurate as well...:biglol:


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Jul 26, 2008
There are distances and then there are distances... The reality of a 223 yard carry over water to a tucked green with no wind by a golfer hitting a forged blade 7 iron (that is not jacked up) is pretty rare. Having seen one do it suggests to me that the odds of any but the best in the world pulling it off are very small.


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Jun 18, 2005
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New Mizuno Irons

These new clubs are quite interesting. They decided the S300 or the R300 gold steel shafts were not my cup of tea so we went with X100's.
The feedback with these is not as good as with the S300 though, may have been a mistake....

So far I am obviously learning to get on with them, however some interesting things. My 8 and 9 irons are no longer my favorite clubs with this set, the 4, 5 and 6 are.

Also with these clubs for some reason I have to tee the golf ball up where it should be in the middle, inch or so forward or back depending on club. With my G5's I was always very far forward in the initial tee spot to hit the ball straight.

My ball launch is now launch high and left, swinging in to the center. Very pretty to watch. I find I have to lift the club dramatically higher than I used to for the best results, which people watching state is ugly to watch but amazingly effective...

Also quite irritating is the range experience. Go get 170 balls, start hitting, first 50-60 pretty sweet, all of a sudden I start hitting shots that go off the toe in a really horrible manner.

Then 40-50 balls later it clears up, shots get very pretty and then 50-60 balls later it starts getting ugly again. Thursday I got so pissed with myself I hit 700 balls before leaving the range with a huge blister on right thumb (never used to get blisters there!?) Guess I just need to play through it? However when I pick up my G5's when in this funk, they are also doing the same thing, but 4-5 shots later its fixed. This has to do with the dramatic difference in the weight of the club heads on these two sets. When I get tired with the G5's I would let the club do the work, with the heavy weight it was easier. With the MX 200's I cannot let the weight of the head do the work because they are so light.

However my 1 iron has been the beneficiary of these two sets effects (Cleveland) on my game, wow, I can whack this baby 260 every time now. Going to throw my driver out of my bag as a result. Who needs a driver if you can hit a 1 iron 260???? Not me that's for sure...

My putting accuracy has also increased alarmingly as I am now more in tune with club head position on contact and smoother stroke motion care of MX 200 experience. Funny or what?

And yes, my 8 Iron distance is creeping back up as I get more familiar with this club. But so is my 5 Iron which is shaping up to exceed the distance I get out of the 4 Iron. Oh and instead of a square face of the club head for 7 iron through 4, I now open the club face 4-5 degrees. My divots which were straight with my G5's now point to the left (10 degrees), which is where the ball launches before swinging back in. Opening the club face a bit makes it slightly more sane.

My driver now goes very straight but 10 degrees left instead of my left to right in-swing trajectory. But if I line it up square it goes very straight, but only about 230...

Also been working out with weights and I notice with these MX 200's that if I only work out 2 x a week vs 4 my control is very bad.......with my Pings that is not the case, the distance is just much less.

I am perplexed with the Divot thing and trying to explain the off the toe funk when the divot is pointing left????? My divots are still pretty with these clubs. I shave very long and very nice ones of the face of the turf. My golf partners always marvel at my rolls of pretty divots I am able to create.

When I finish at the range on grass there is not much grass left where I was hitting. The range attendant calls me Darth Divot.....

Oh and I do not hit a ball well off a wooden or plastic golf tee (cept for the driver of course) seems to strike the t make a horrid noise and funk the shot up.

Today I will focus on Follow through motion when I get tired......

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