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Starting a new game today.


The golfer fka ST Champ
Aug 31, 2004
Our club manager has been trying to get a regular wed. game going and I think this one might work.

We're playing at 4:30 today and just nine holes. It's suppose to be around 100F again so I guess he's trying not to kill anybody.

Here's how it's gonna work.

Everybody puts up $15.00. $5.00 goes towards a skins game. $5.00 goes for low net among all the players and $5.00 goes for low net with a partner that's paired with you in a blind drawing. I'm thinking about suggesting stableford scoring like our tourney for the low net so people don't bummed if they have one bad hole.

It should be fun and having three ways to win a little money makes it interesting too. If anyone has any ideas of other bets we could do to mix it up please share.

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