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Steel vs. Graphite


Beware of the Phog!
Aug 26, 2004
what are the general differences between the two when it comes to shafts,

from the v-steel thread, how do they compare in distance, accuracy, consistency, would the regular flex in steel be the same as stiff in graphite.... anything else you think i would like to know when thinking about which one to buy, i've only tried the steel but could try the others, i would really like to save the money and buy the steel but if you guys really think i should then i'll demo the graphite,


Feb 20, 2005
if you are buying irons i would go with steel.my old clubs had graphite shafts and 2 years after i bought them i put in dynamic gold stiff shafts.my new clubs are steel uniflex shafts.i would never buy graphite shafts in irons again.i just feel i have more control and accuracy with steel.i`m also planning on having my 5 wood changed to steel shaft.even though i hardly use it.

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