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Suggestions on putters?



Hey fellow golfers,

I'm a newbie and trying to complete my first golf set. I have the irons, and now I am currently trying to find out what putter to get. Any suggestions? I hear Ping is preferred by a lot of golfers out there. Thanks


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Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada

Putters are such a personal thing. What works for one is fodder for another.

Your best bet is to go out to the shop, try everything (and I mean everything....i know so many people with 20 dollar putters....they all do the same thing, right?) and find one that fits your eye, wallet and touch.

Then, take it to the cash register, buy it and practice, practice, practice.

The short game is where strokes are shaved or added.

Good luck, let us know how the hunt goes!



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Aug 27, 2004
It's a personal thing.
Personally I use a Titleist Bullseye putter. Ping makes great great putter, and the feel is wonderful.


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Apr 2, 2005
I have a Tri Hot #2 putter. It is the oldest club in my bag. It's a sweet putter. I would only change putters just to get a new toy. I'm very disappointed with the putters I have tried just for kicks at the store. They have a very large selection, too. The ONLY putter I have tried that I like since I bought the Tri Hot a few years ago is the Ping putter. I guess this is a G2 model.

I bought the G2 driver a couple of months ago and have been considering getting the woods and putter to have the set. If everybody and their brother's hamster didn't have these clubs (especially the putter) I might have done so already. Plus, the Tri Hot costs much more, so it's tough to trade it in for a cheaper club. That just doesn't seem right...

Edit...it's the Craz-E putter that I like...

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