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sunday round


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Jan 12, 2007
went out and played a round with siberian, at aiken golf club, an old school Donald Ross design....and wow the greens were nasty!!
don't really play on any greens with that kinda speed and undulation on a regular basis and it showed. anyway my first trip around the course carded a not so good 98. not feeling bad, I hit the ball pretty good. came beck well on the back after shooting 53 on the front. course is short but very tight and hard to make any putts outside 12-15 feet. I feel like I took the wrong approach to the course rather than I just played terrible. but I am planning on going back in a few weeks for redemption!!

thoroughly enjoyed hanging with siberian, who also had a not so stellar day. we will surely do it again one day.....maybe on a less challenging course.



I love Hooters
Jul 25, 2005
Augusta, GA
United States United States
Dammit, Jason, I wasn't even going to add that round up!

OK, let's see here: a whole bunch of 6s and 1 snowman on the front add up to 58 on the front. :D

Did better on the back: mostly 5s and one 7. :( Adds up to 46 on the back.

Grand total: 104!!! On a course where I shot my low round of 76 only 4 months ago when the greens were overseeded with winter rye. Unbelievable.

How about next time we try Persimmon Hill in Saluda? And if you want to try Aiken again, just let me know when.


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Jan 12, 2007
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well a week ago I tossed out something on the low end of my scale (79) so I figured I would go ahead and toss out something on the high end of the scale (98).

we all played better on the back.....the course was sweet.....I will let you know about the return trip....it will likely be within the month.....that course is a great prep for most beach courses...i.e. short and narrow with the nasty greens.

we did wonder how the greens hold up to the summer heat?? they seemed to be cut pretty tight.



Carrollton, TX
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Aug 20, 2005
United States United States

Any pics of the two of you playing? :D

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