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Swing revamp, seeing the light.


PGA Apprentice
Supporting Member
Aug 10, 2006
Well, after probably 2 or so months of trying to basically "relearn" my swing, I started shooting rounds that i can finnally be proud of. Basically, i just toned down my swing with all my clubs, started using the "claw" putting grip, spent hours on the putting green. I played my first round yesterday trying to score instead of learn, and i shot 73. Was it insanely low? No, but i was very confident in every swing i took with every club in my bag. It was the first time in a long time i KNEW my drive would be in the fairway within 10 yards of where i wanted it, and i knew i would put my second shot on the green, even the par 5's. I had two "bad" shots that kept me from breaking par, but overall, im happy.


She lives!
Supporting Member
Jul 3, 2006
Nice. However, as all golf goes, don't be discouraged because it will get worse. Little habits show up, and pass, just keep your head on and keep on trucking.

However, if you can consistently post 2-4 over then you shouldn't have a problem making a golf team.