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Swing speed/Tempo Monitor


Pa Jayhawk

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Nov 15, 2005
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Don said:
It "estemates" swing speed from the ball speed.
I wasn't aware of that, I just assumed it measured both.

FYI, if you page down on this link, it will show the protector for Ball Speed measurement. I'll likely pick one of them up in time.


Can't wait to get the thing. My main reasoning is to tone down my swing to about 85~90% on my driver to gain better control. I will likely see the same results when I did so years ago on my irons. I better controlled my swing, and it actually lead to an increase in swing speed by shortening and better controlling my swing. Right now I seem to have more of an issue of slowing it down, I don't get proper release and my otherwise straight shot or Draw turns into something between a fade and a slice. Making my faster swing a more consistent shot with an occasional Duck Hook. When I get into a rythem with a slow swing, I likely loose only 10 yards but hit alot more fairways.


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Aug 23, 2005
Jay; the Vector is a "sound" activated unit, it "hears" the impact of the ball and starts taking photos of the ball. That's how is measures ball speed and spin rate, by the distance the ball moves between frames and how much the line on the ball rotates. Because it starts at impact, there's no way it can measure clubhead speed, which is why the sell that cable so you can hook up that small unit to the Vector.
One thing I'd like to do is get two of the radar units and have one to measure clubhead speed and a second unit for ball speed on the same shot. At the price of the SSR unit and one ball shield, that's not a bad price for the imformation you would get. I'll be interested in hearing what you thing of the unit when you have time to test it. Later, Don.


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Aug 23, 2005
JayHawk: it was good to read your review on the SSR-TT. I also got the same unit, but I got the SSR with a ball protector as well. What I want to do, and have started doing, is measure my swing speed and tempo with the SSR-TT, and measure my ball speed with the SSR at the same time. This way, I can figure out what ball gives me the highest transfer ratio, (clubhead speed vs ball speed. ). I can also hit a dozen new balls into a net and see which of my 7 drivers give me the best ball speed for a certain ball. This will allow me to find out what driver I have will give me the best ball speed for my current ball, and also which ball will give me the highest ball speed with each driver. Yes, it was more expensive to get two units, but it's the only way to get ball speed and swing speed for each shot at the same time. No guess work, only true data. Is this worth the effort and cost? That depends on what you want to get from your $400 driver. If you want to get the longest drives you can with you new driver, I think it's the best route to get there. If you want to see which driver gives you the highest ball speed with a certain ball, then it's again the best way to do it. I'll let you know more when I've had time to do a lot more testing. So far, I'm impressed with the way both units work, and that means they work EVERY time. So far, the units get my recommendation as a good product that's easy to use and small enough to take with you to the range.


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Nov 20, 2007
Swing Mate

Use Swing Mate and Power Meter concurrently. Swing Mate seems to be accurate when club head speed agrees with Power Meter. Got one reading
of 135 mph at 310 yds with a Momentus weighted driver, a Sean (The Beast) Fister type reading The Power Meter read in the 70 mph range which I normally get with the Power Meter.

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