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Swing Speed Tool?


Well-Known Member
Dec 19, 2007
Chicago, IL
United States United States
I saw this ad on the golf channel today for a swing speed device that you put on your club and it's suppose to tell your swing speed. Has anyone tried this? Let me know if this is a hoax.. THanks!


Well-Known Member
Nov 18, 2007
I got it and it works good, it makes the club feel different when you swing it cause it adds a little weight to the shaft, and it is real close on the actual speed. You can set it up to your height and change the lenght of clubs to adjust for different clubs you use to check the swing speed for all the clubs in your bag, batteries dont last very long, i have used it about 5 times at the range and already need new ones.

Pa Jayhawk

Well-Known Member
Nov 15, 2005
Here is another alternative that I use.
Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer for Golf
you don't have to switch it around on different clubs and it wont effect how your club feels. Works great for speed and tempo, although they have a cheaper one that just does speed.

Here is a review:

Here is another thread that had a couple other models including one that flopped from Golfsmith.'

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