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Swing speed?


Well-Known Member
Sep 6, 2006
I am hoping some of you can shed some light on this subject for me.. I was told a couple of years ago, i need a stiff flex shaft.. by golfers warehouse employee.. Im pretty sure we used the swing speed thing( i dont remember)

Any way, I am 5' 11" about 240 lbs.. The other day, I went to GW, and swung on the monitor again.. I swing around 89-93... Should I be swinging faster for my size/weight? maybe my swing isnt correct, and I am losing speed somewhere? Should someone my size be swinging faster? I feel if i really try to kill it, i can get in the 100-105 range, but thats a crazy balls out swing..

I just bought a new stiff flex Imix ft-i and just realizing i may need a r flex.. Or if I work on a better swing, i will get to where I need to be (speed wise)


Well-Known Member
Aug 15, 2006
For the most part size and weight have very little to do with swing speed. Look at Sergio he's a little bitty turd but makes all kinds of swing speed.... JB Holmes... again not all "big" at all but oh man he kills it. Clubhead speed is all about technique... specifically being able to create lag and making a good turn.


Hybrid convert
Nov 6, 2007
Yep, Slick is right, size has nothing to do with it. In fact, Tiger's swing speed has dropped as he has bulked up.

Work on making a full shoulder turn till the shaft is parallel with a good wrist cock. Then start your down swing with your hips, turning them toward your target not sliding them. Let your body pull your arms around holding the wrist cock. That creates lag, which creates club head speed.

Hope that helps!


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
Let me be the first to say that swingspeed doesn't necessarily point to the flex that you should be playing. It's a good guide, but nothing is set in stone. I play with a variety of players, all of whom use a wide variety of flexes successfully, and many go against the cardinal rule of "flex/swingspeed".

If you can, demo the shafts you want to buy. Even in another head, it will give you an indication on whether it works for you or not.


Pa Jayhawk

Well-Known Member
Nov 15, 2005
United States United States
I'm about your size and will just reiterate that size has nothing to do with Swingspeed. Actually for my size, I would only imagine I simply swing slower because many times the bulk gets in the way on a full release or follow through.

On the other hand and was touched on before, Swingspeed is not really the most important indicator of the shaft you require. For me it is usually more based on my tempo. I tend to get quick on tempo and use a little stiffer shaft on everything but my driver to account for such. I used to do so on my driver but while I fully expected to replace the shaft in my driver when I went with a Reg Flex, it made me fully think about slowing down my tempo on my driver, which was usually my worst culprit. Hence the reason I want to stay with a Reg flex at least for the time being. Kinda on the fence right now because I likely need to add a bit of SS back.

My Driver speed is probably around 90mph most of the time. Used to be 103 and with my tempo a stiff shaft was about as flexible as I would want to go, but the stiff shaft again forced me to concentrated on a slower tempo.


Well-Known Member
Nov 16, 2008
When most people are trying to swing hard they actually lose clubhead speed. My normal swing speed is in the 112 to 116 range. When I'm in a long drive contest or on a launch monitor I can crank my swing speed as high as 121. The key to getting that extra burst is not by trying to swing harder. I start by clearing my mind and relaxing every muscle, from there I concentrate on making an absolutely perfect turn and resisting the natural urge to pull hard down from the top. The key is making a relaxed coil. The more relaxed I am thru the take away, coil and the first third of the down swing the more I can accellerate and fire thru the ball. Tension in rour grip and forearms is another huge killer of clubhead speed.

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