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Taking a break from this game


Beware of the Phog!
Aug 26, 2004
regionals were today. i was psyched, range warmup was pretty good, pitching and putting were in tune. front nine, i'm off the hook, tearing it up, slow putting start but it got going. the best nine of my life in my opinion, bogeyed 9 to finish with a +2 38, from what i hear, one of the top 5 lowest on that side, i walk up to the 10th tee and don't know where i am, what to do...i absolutely draw a blank. slice OB..next one in bunker etc. a double... it dons me, i was just over par as many on one hole as i was the first 9!!, next hole, lucky, ducked my drive but they have a layup fairway over there and i just happened to land in it. miss a wedge shot, pitch on, and miss a 6 footer, another bogey, getting a little hot under my collar, next hole, double bogey, but it gets better. next hole, hit a 3 wood to try and get my act together....OB, another... OB, another, in the hazard, go out , drop, 8 iron to 15 feet and two putt for a beautiful +5 9. next hole, drive in hazard, pitch into FW, iron to green, two putt for a bogey 6, next hole, drive in hazard, iron onto green, two putt for bogey 5. ( oh, i forgot to mention i didn't miss a fairway on the front nine) and only missed one green, anyway, next hole, drive right, but find it, punch into fairway, gap wedge to 12 feet and make the putt, the only par of the back nine. next hole, par 3, tee ball in water, drop, pitch, two putt, yet another double, and FINALLY, 18, yet another drive in hazard, punch into FW, 7 iron on green, and a jolly two putt for another double.

my best and worst nines of my high school career in one round, i'm so emotionally crushed i just can't bear it, i just don't know how i could do that bad after doing so good.

so, i'm gonna take about a month or two layoff from this game to get my head back on straight. hopefully gonna sell off my TA1's, use the money to get a launcher 460, pimp it out, take some lessons and see what i can do after that

either that or i'll be back on the course in a week, we'll see what happens, i'm just amazed at what happened today


I love Hooters
Jul 25, 2005
Augusta, GA
United States United States
Take a deep breath.....exhale.

Take a deep breath.....exhale.

Repeat as many times as needed.

Now, repeat after me: It's only a stupid game that I play against myself. It means nothing. No wars are fought over it. No one will die if I am not sucessful. Even if I were to play it perfectly, it would not be important in the great scheme of things. It means nothing.

You have your whole life ahead of you. Do something worthwhile with it, and play games for the fun of it. :)

Jay McNasty

High Altitude Hacker
Aug 22, 2005
What's the over/under on him being back on the course in a week?

Tough break, man. Don't let it get ya down.


Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005
You have just learned a valuable lesson.
Never look back. What happened on 10 was a fluke, you are better than that and you know it. After sinking the putt you have to learn to let it go.
If you don't it will snowball, just like it did.
The hardest part of golf is the mental game, to be a great player you have to learn to play each hole one at a time.
Now, go out and build on that front nine, the back doesn't exist any more.


Well-Known Member
Mar 27, 2006
Never ever ever take that much time off especially at your age. The golf swing is mainly about muscle memory and your muscles will lose their memory if you take that much time off. You will come back to the game and you won't be playing well so you'll think about taking more time off. That was yesterday. It is done, move on and don't look back. The game doesn't care if you take time off. The only person who is negatively affected by you taking time off, is you.


Beware of the Phog!
Aug 26, 2004
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you guys are right, i love this game too much to do that to myself, i've decided to go proactive to help prevent this from happening again. i'm turning the months into about a week of just taking it easy. as we speak/type... i'm developing my summer practice schedule.

as i look at it now, i'm doing major full swing renovations. i'd go into details but it'd get confusing, basically i'm going for a more repeatable, day in day out consistent swing that i won't easily loose for long periods of time during the course of a round aka what happened at regionals. it isn't going to be easy, if need be i will get an instructor, but i want to at least start this by myself, i'm now more dedicated than ever to becoming better. that front nine was amazing and i now know what i'm capable of.

still deciding on my wedge game / greenside play, it's one of my better aspects, but its basics work against my planned full swing model so i'm not sure what to do.

putting, well, has never been my strong point but it was starting to improve towards the end of the season, i really need to work on my lag/long distance putting which is just disgraceful, i'm considering a new putter just to get a fresh start, we'll see.

and as far as my mental game, this may be toughest of all, i just need to teach myself that its just a game and don't worry about whatever happens, if this game was easy everyone would play it, and every shot can't be perfect and to just not kick myself when things don't go my way.

equipment changes, i'm going for accuracy over distance for the time being, but sources say the Launcher 460 is the cream of the crop and i'm already convinced, sunday my potential TA1 buyer is going to go to the range with me and i'll let him demo them. hopefully he takes them off my hands and i'll go for a launcher. i'm thinking a 9.5*, to maximize accuracy, but i've got my choices and the place i'm buying from will be happy to swap it for an 8.5 if things are just too damn high, if the shaft in it works , great, if not, i'm gonna see what my YS-6 will do in there and if not, then i'll hit the monitor again.
putter....up in air still, probably not though
the gap caused between irons and woods has been a major issue. the 7 wood worked well at regionals but i don't think it will work so well at many other courses, i'm liking a cleveland launcher steel 19*, and i'll have the same shaft that i have in my 3 wood thrown in there. that'd be alright

sorry that was long, but once again thanks for your support and votes of confidence. this has done nothing but make me stronger. now comes the real rough stretch.


Well-Known Member
Feb 5, 2006
I was forced to take a week off due to rain and it's just what I needed. I tied my lowest score yesterday on the front 9 of my new course and then beat that by 3 this evening. That was with only 1 good drive too. Even the pro's take a break (except VJ). Let's be real though, we are all golf freaks, otherwise we wouldn't be talking about it with people we never met on the computer. :)


Rules Nerd
Supporting Member
Mar 9, 2005
Get 5 Lessons by Hogan and start anew. At least if you are following Hogan's swing, you know exactly where you are going.

The mental side, get Rotella's, Golf is not a game of Perfect. If you have read it before, read it again. Different things pop out at you the second reading. If you haven't read it, you need to.

I'm on my 4th reading of 5 Lessons (it's a quick read). I just can't seem to get the grip right. Found some MORE things in Lesson 1 that I haven't been doing. Once I get the grip actually right, I feel my ballstriking will get much more accurate. And it should.

I have been doing a complete revamp of my swing since I got the book over the winter. It is a pretty easy transition following Hogan's lessons. It makes the swing so very simple. Just watch Chad Campbell.

If you want the "new putter feel" but dont' want to part with the old, grip down on it to 33". Your average golfer makes more putts from 10' with a 33" putter as opposed to a 34" & 35". Plus if you end up not really liking the results, you just move your hands up to where they were before.

Definitely read the Rotella book though. When I first read your post, your writing of your experience SCREAMED that you needed some Rotella. :)

Pa Jayhawk

Well-Known Member
Nov 15, 2005
United States United States
Personally, I wouldn't even think about it. You were 2 over on nine. It doesn't sound like you need to change much. I would hate to see you walk away for even a couple weeks when the potentional is definately there for the taking. Look at the positive, you had your best nine ever. I do know how you feel. I did the exact same thing in a club championship, only in the reverse order, so I guess the difference is I left on a good note, if that is in fact possible. After shooting my best round ever of 75 on the first day and being up towards the top of the standings as a 15 handicap, I took a 9 on the first hole of the second day and carded a 62 on the front nine, followed by a 33 on the back. Still my worst nine to date outside of maybe my first few rounds playing, and my best nine on the back.

Get back on the course quickly and get the garbage out of your head by posting a decent score.


Well-Known Member
Jan 6, 2006
I think that you should play for money or pride with other friends you have that play golf. It will get you in that pressure mentality. It has worked for me so far.