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Taking the day off...


Mental Ward Escapee
Supporting Member
Oct 18, 2006
I forgot!
United States United States
Well, a little rainy... and colder. 40 degrees, with temp holding constant. Usually, with just a drizzle, would be out playing. However, up until today, have played 24 days straight. Played a minimum of 18/day... a few 27 hole rounds... and a few 36 hole rounds. Total for 24 days... 540 holes.

Lowest round/rounds... 1 @ 77, 2 @ 78

Highest/worst round/rounds... 1 @ 92, 1 @ 91

Forecast is for drizzle/sleet/snow to continue today, tomorrow, into Tuesday. Not supposed to get any accumulation. If the course in open tomorrow... yes, we're dumb enough to go play. Winter cover on our cart sure helps. Sure don't have the problem of a crowded course!!!

We're wanting the course to pass a new rule. If you don't play during rain, snow, temps below freezing, or other inclimate conditions... you can't get a tee time before noon on the nice days!!!!!! :prop::prop:

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