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In the Lumbar Yard
Jul 3, 2005
I'm curious... Let's hear your definition, or thoughts, or what it means to you.


Kilted Arab

Well-Known Member
Apr 30, 2005
BentGrass said:
I'm curious... Let's hear your definition, or thoughts, or what it means to you.


Good question, and I look forward to the answers from the good players here.

For me, it's just about getting a nice rhythm in my swing...steady takeaway and controlled swing...keeping it nice and smooth without trying to swing too quickly. Or too slowly, especially on the takeaway. It annoys me if I have a practise swing and in my head i'm saying "nice and steady...nice and steady", then follow that with an impersonation of a helicopter.

Why the blummen flip cant my body do what my head tells it??


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
I have an old trusty one that I go back to when I soil the sheets during a round.

I say to myself "straight through, and hard". It makes sense to me, I guess. I don't have anything for tempo, per se, but one thing I try to do during my practice round is concentrate on keeping my head as still as possible. I know you can't truly do this, but i try my damndest. And you'd be suprised how much better you start hitting the ball.

Your arms, legs and hips will follow themselves if you keep that head still. Start the club back before your hips, good shoulder turn and keep that head still untill right at impact. That keeps your eye on the ball, the clubhead level and avoids fat shots as well as taking a peek and topping it.

When in doubt, just think about your head. I mean, it doesn't have to go far from your brain.... :)



Well-Known Member
Mar 20, 2005
Tempo is whatever it means to you reharding the coordination of your big and small muscles,ie timing.Tempo is the fuel if timing is the engine,if that makes sense.


Supporting Member
Apr 16, 2005
I agree with Dave - tempo can be slow, medium, fast etc. There is no correct tempo.

It's all about getting your normal tempo timed correctly. When my timing is off, I usually stop playing (unless it's a tournament of course) I have a weighted club at home that I will swing before my next round for about 30 minutes that helps me get the club moving on the right plane, in the right rhythm.


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
VT is right. This is what the Tour Tempo concept puts forth. We talk about tempo but it is really about timing.

there are players such as Arnold Palmer who had fast swings (both back and through) and there are players like Fred Couples who had slower swings - but it all came through with the correct 3:1 timing....


Short Game Tragedy
Mar 8, 2005
Kilted Arab said:
Yours seems to have an evil glint...

There's alot of that going around these days, I've noticed. Remember, it is a bird of prey....

Better than the turkey, which is what I believe Ben Franklin wanted as the national bird. Mmmmmm, tasty! ;)


Well-Known Member
May 2, 2005
dave. said:
Whats 3:1 timing?
Dave im not a musician but i play one on TV. 3:1 timing is a beat. 1,2,3,4. Start take away on one and hit on three. I heard that VJ uses a 17-18 count


Well-Known Member
Mar 20, 2005
ah,I see,cheers

I just swing it and hit it,i think it gets to 4;)


Short Game Tragedy
Mar 8, 2005
longiron said:
I heard that VJ uses a 17-18 count

He says "seventeen" in his head to get to the top of the backswing....

There's always "ham-burger" or "Beetlejuice-beetlejuice-beetlejuice" ;)


Style guru
Sep 10, 2004
Thoughts? I try to frame a mental picture of the perfect swing, in full motion (including swing plane) and then execute it that way. Some advise picturing the flight of the ball, and that's cool, but I'd rather focus on the swing itself, making the "choreography" of the swing (and approaching the ideal) the primary goal. Come to think of it, though, my best play comes when a certain ball movement (flight, landing, roll) is rehearsed in my mind as well. All of these things need to happen in sequence and in the "right" timing. Thus, it's important to finish the backswing, because the whole event isn't right without it. I love to score well, but if I make good swings/good putts (effective and repeatable, if not aesthetically appealing), good scores sometimes will come. Lots of pros have opined that once you've made what you consider a good stroke, it's important to let go of the outcome. I have a definition of each kind of good stroke, for me, and that's the tempo I aim for.

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