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That veeg thing.

The master

Oct 24, 2004
I know you are sick of looking at my swing But I don't care, it is sooooo scary trying this you think you are definetely gonig to hit the shaft. I was at a intense 3 hour practice session today it went well, my plane has improved, due to setting the two clubs on the ground and the shaft in the ground. Enjoy!!!. I'm still fighting that movement, I will post again when I think I have lost it all.


Didn't read your post, just watched the video, and I was thinking to myself how perfect your plane was; same on the backswing as the downswing. Still looks like your tempo is screwed up, but then I was watching Vijay last weekend.

I watched the Walrus tee off too, and his tempo was way slow. Your swing seems a bit hurried.

Try this swing thought next time you tee off: "slow swing." Trust me, you will hit it farther and straighter than normal with that swing thought. :wow:

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