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The 400 yd Drive ? What is Happening ?



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Oct 23, 2006
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Thank you Siberian Dvm. That was very technical and informing.

Mythical, unwind or slope assisted, not affected by Kryptonite creatures:
Speed: 140 mph, 200 gm, 6* driver, 4* upward aoa, 1.00 et, 360 ft asl, 2369 rpm, 371 yards.

Gives me somthing to think about. This is in fact carry not including roll, I will asume.

I hit my longest drive yesterday in the into a 5 mph breeze. I carried the front yard of a 296 yard par 4. Had a beautiful draw to the shot and curved it to its resting place, I killed it. Straight left arm full body turn, club pointed at target and wrists cocked all the way down and did an over the top move. Longest drive of my 3 month career, (bragging).

On this same subject there is a Pga hopefull here I have been playing with. He is 16 around 5,9 and 120 pounds and won the Club long drive contest with a 342 yard drive with his regular driver and this is at sea level +100ft. This really showed me how important swing mechanics can be. He has been playing for 3.5 years. Well time to go to work and Wow how this post unfolded.

Iam a little dissapointed that there is not more data to compile from individuals that did have the magic swing and it all came down to numbers and the "unatainable"Swing speed?

I beleive even a person that has never practiced can come along and ring out a 400yd drive becuase of the lack muscle control. Keep the club head square lead with the left keep wrists hinged,turn with the hips,shift weight, all these thought processes and mechanics slow us down. We learn so many things to do. I beleive somone just gets up there and swings without a thought with no real concern can obtain that 400 yd bomb. Mind you there does have to be some physical ability. I just would like to break down all the mechanical hype ( which is needed 99% of the time, for me) and find the pure true swing.

This all comes down to one thing for me 4 weeks into playing I was at sea ranch and there where 3 of us driving I was using a 1 wood and asked to borrow my freinds driver. I looked at the face on it and said man I will never miss the ball. I was warmed up and took the fastest swing I could muster. The far pin is only 225, the back hazard is 260. I launched this ball over the pin, hazard and out of sight still going strong. My first response was to stand there and stare and then realized everyone was looking at me. The next thing I said was "that went 400 yds... "I know sounds like a pipe dream but is is true the next fairway is after the hazard and 140 yds out. My ball ended up there. The hazard is water and swamp so I did not get any bounce and roll. I can muster 120 mph if I am feeling perfect. But that swing with perfect conditions would put my swing speed at around 150. I got on a launch monitor in petaluma after that and was swinging 95 mph max, now 2 months later and warmed up I am just under 120. I want to know where that 30+ mph came from and why. I know that everyone here has had a shot like this but calls it a fluke....

Like the ball that goes into the trees 250 yds out still going straight......Maybe a hint of rise? What about these shots?


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Aug 27, 2004
The only way someone (other than a professional) is going to hit a genuine 400 yard drive on a straight, level hole is to have the ball bounce down the cart path.



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Jan 20, 2006
Wow!!! I play reguraly with a guy who is literally Paul Bunyan's look alike 6'9" and 320 lbs. I built him a driver 48" with a 3x UST tipped 1 inch. He broke the shaft in half on his down swing. With his strength and leverage the guy is swinging over 140 mph and the longest I have seen him carry is 340 yards. You 400 yard guys must really have a secret recipe. I really feel inadaquate at 220-230 full roll-out. Also, very few pro's can carry a 300 yard drive and usually they have optimum conditions when they do. Let me know your secret when you 400 yard guys figure it out!!!!

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