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The art of eBay - step by step guide to selling golf gear...



Fac ut gaudeam
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Sep 1, 2004
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Dave Ireland said:
I went up last night with it ... but that's another story ...

?? Well how did you hit it? Need a review ASAP from da man.

Dave Ireland

I'm sizzlin tonite
Aug 31, 2004
IrishGolfer said:
?? Well how did you hit it? Need a review ASAP from da man.

Howya Boss, I've gotta say in the context of this thread and the wording an article, I was sold on this based on Augsters review. I bided my time on Ebay as let's be honest I didn't need another driver after only getting the Launcher 460 Comp this time last year - but I saw a slow auction - there was around 20 bids but from only 4 different bidders .. there's a tip - look at the number of bidders not the number of bids and got in late to bag the prize. It arrived Wednesday, thankfully herself was away so Mr. Postie was ushered into da house and I handed over the €60 customs and sent him on his way out the back door over the next door neighbours back wall, down the lane and back to his van :D

First impressions out of the box - a very classy zip up headcover, medium size crown with a highly polished face, not too sure whether that'll die down, but it's a mirror like face. I don't know how to describe the feel of the club coz it's a sensory thing, but you feel the power, the extra weight in the sole seems to suck it to the floor - but it doesn't feel heavy.

Anyway, we went up yesterday evening. I think I'll get the obligatory bit over with - this is bastard long. It can be hard to compare like with like - but the last equipment set up that I played purely to exploit distance was the non-conforming 580XD and Maxfli A10 ball. Last night was TE and Srixon hi-brid tour (3 piece). First hit was on #2 - decided to tee it same height as Launcher and put an 80% swing on it. As soon as I struck it the clubface screamed back to my hands "centred it" - and off she went at a mid trajectory straight down the pipe, landed and rolled out a lot more than the launcher. Gauging the nett gain in distance - playing off the forward tees with the Launcher theres a lake right side of the fairway, I'm usually level to mid way up the side of the lake. TE Exotics off the medal tee - 30 yards further back tho a higher elevation of about 5 yards, I was level with the back of the lake - so I'd say 20 - 25 yards further.

And so it goes on - #3 downhill 361 yards - drive and 30 yard lob

#5 dogleg par 5 - took a 250 yard carry over the corner ran down the slope to leave P/W - as the crow flies probably a 320 yard smack

#7 420 yards into a stiffish breeze uphill, was level with big tree centre of fairway 240 off the tee.

Ah yes sez you but what about the forgiveness, as I said the clubface tells you instantly where you connected.

#9 into the breeze again , I teed it low but she came off the sole no more than 10 yards off the ground, but found it's way out to 230 or so

#12 371 yards downhill/downwind - toed it, in actual fact I didn't see the drive itseslf, but my playing partner told me it started off going right, righted itself into a draw to see me 30 or so yards from the front.

Things went slightly askew after 12, found myself pushing everything to the right - albeit they stayed remarkably straight in the air as there is a tendancy for a fade or a slice to come into the flight to add insult.

So it's early days, but rather than saying it's the best driver I've ever played with, I'd say it has the potential to be. I'm slightly concerned with the push factor as the club at set up and address is plain, no alignment markings on it so there's a greater reliance on intuition .... to 2nd guess ya ... nope wont see it on eBay just yet ;)

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