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The barbecue/grilling thread 2008

TEA Time

Grumpy Gilmore
Staff member
Mar 23, 2011
Portland, Oregon
United States United States
Mmmmm, eight year old barbeque...



DB Member Extraordinaire
Supporting Member
Dec 24, 2007
South Central Wisconsin
United States United States
Now that I have some time I'll do a bit of a write up.

Meat: 8.5lb Boston Butt

Rub: Salt/Pepper/Paprika/Cumin/Cayanne/Granulated Garlic...and some other stuff...no amounts...I was just throwing shit at it...I've found the rub really doesn't matter much on meat this big. Ribs are a different story...especially if you don't sauce them.

The Smoke: Hickory to start, then Pecan. The pecan is a good flavor. Not as blunt as all Hickory...still has that smokey flavor without being overly so. Difficult to explain really.

The Cook: 12 hours. I was shooting for 260ºF, however, it was difficult to keep steady for some reason. It rained for about 45 minutes about 3 hours into the smoke so that brought the temps down to about 225ish. The highest it got was about 295. I didn't touch it for about 6 hours. Then I spritzed with apple cider vinegar about every two hours to keep it moist. My meat probe must have gotten moisture in it from the last smoke because it was not reading properly. I pretty much just probed it with my instant until it was around 203ºF and the probe slid through like warm butter. Almost exactly 12 hours. I did NOT wrap this butt. First time not wrapping. I then let the butt rest on the counter for about 45 minutes before pulling and eating immediately.

The finishing sauce: I really like a vinegar finishing sauce. Apple cider vinegar/BBQ sauce/Ketchup/Soy Sauce/Brown Sugar/salt/pepper/granulated garlic. Should be really runny...warm it in a pan to bring it together. Don't overheat it and burn the sugar tho. Should be sweet and tangy.

The result: Delicious. Meat was super tender and moist. Smoke flavor was definitely there but not overpowering. I personally like more smoke flavor, but I know not everyone does so I try to tone it down when I have guests over. Good meat, low and slow, with smoke. It's really hard to go wrong.

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