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The Experiment


Fac ut gaudeam
Supporting Member
Sep 1, 2004
So anyway, I've been down at the range the last two nights. Didn't get down until 9.15pm both nights (tidying up, bathing the kids, reading stories etc.), so only giving me about 45 mins - 1 hour to play around with a few things before light stopped play. Both nights the place has been deserted and both nights totally flat clam, slight "heaviness in the air" like it's about to rain, only it doesn't. I am totally loving it.

So last night I'm hitting 6 irons like nobody's business. Most coming off the club face fairly well with a good trajectory and a touch of draw, but all only going about 150 - 155 yards. I try swinging a bit faster / harder but only add a few yards and lose a bit of control. So I start experimenting with ball position, alignment etc. as you do. Ain't noting going on but the rent.

Then I start to deviate with my experiment. I try dropping my left shoulder as low as I can on my take-away and sticking out my right hip at the top while keeping my right knee locked. I also combine it with the ass clench and soft hands (some of you will be aware of this manouvre, it is uncannily effective if you tend to sway - a great way to centre yourself, soft hands is essentially to generate swing speed).

It takes me a while just to get into the swing before actually trying to hit a ball. So when I hit my first shot, BHAM! Pick up 15 yards just like that. Now I am swinging with less effort in what feels like a more powerful swing. So I try it with the next 6 shots, all to the same effect. I'm crushing (for me!!) a 6 iron 165-170 yards in damp air with about 2 yards of draw. I hit all six to about 8 yards of eachother.

I try it then with the three wood. Same thing, the ball takes off like a rocket. There were a few hooks thrown in when I got as bit over-excited, but I added 20 yards with no added effort. So I figure I was not transferring my weight in my backswing; dipping the left shoulder down gave me added power and swing speed. You can feel the muscles in and around the left shoulder blade tightening up on the backswing, like loading up a spring.

I dunno, this is what's going in my "golfin' head". Perhaps you guys might take something from it. It's great when you figure something out on your own. :beach3:

So anyway, can't wait to try this out on the course with the Big Dog.

Dave Ireland

I'm sizzlin tonite
Aug 31, 2004
Why doncha just swing outta yer socks like me. instead of all that fancy dan techno speak... too much time on yer hands........ btw what book did ya read da kids :D


Fac ut gaudeam
Supporting Member
Sep 1, 2004
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Dave Ireland said:
Why doncha just swing outta yer socks like me. instead of all that fancy dan techno speak... too much time on yer hands........ btw what book did ya read da kids :D

LOL Dave

This is as non techno as one gets. I don't really go for lessons. I prefer feel. I didn't follow any lesson plan last night, the conclusion just came from working on a few things and trying a few things out. iow I sorta felt my way there. That shoulder balde thang was discovered as much by observation of players like Clarke.

As for the book it was "That Pesky Rat!" by Lauren Child - fantastic book. Well worth getting. I laugh at it everytime. All her books are excellent. "I am NOT sleepy and I will NOT go to bed", "I shall NEVER EVER eat a tomato" and "Clarance Bean, that's me". I consider myself an authority on kid's books. :biglol:


How U Doin'?
Aug 27, 2004
Tension is a power robber.

A nice light grip and full shoulder turn probably added the yardage. Sometimes, I get too armsy and when I do my wedge only goes 110 yards. Put the body turn back in there (which I initiate with a one piece take away) and boom, they fly 130.

What time is it in your neck of the woods?



The golfer fka ST Champ
Aug 31, 2004
I'm jealous IG. I've got the same problem right now and haven't figured it out yet. Even on shots that feel perfect, I"m 20 yds. short of where I know I should be.

It would be driving me crazy except I know my game always goes in cycles. Maybe I should play every other month and see if that works. :p


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004

Over the past few months, I have gotten away from the assclench.

Your post is a bit uncanny.

Last week, I went to the range on two different days and after warming up with a variety of clubs - I spent about an hour with just one club - hitting ball after ball after ball.

One day I hit 8 iron and one day I hit 5 iron.

I was trying a variety of different techniques as you did and then I decided to focus completely on soft hands/assclench.

The ball is smoking off the club - adding 10-12 yards with the 5 iron and with a slight draw.

I am going to play twice over our upcoming holiday weekend and hope to ingrain it back into my swing. It undoubtedly works.

A vendor recently made a post here about a new product that is focused on the assclench.


I have never bought a single training aid in my life but am tempted to buy this because I know what it is trying to teach and I know what the results are - as you do.

You hit the crap out of the ball and much much straighter.

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