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The Golf Ball Guide: Two-Piece Golf Balls

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Apr 8, 2012
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CONSISTING OF A CORE AND COVER, two-piece golf balls cost less and are a good choice for beginning and high-handicap golfers. Two-piece ball construction typically combines distance and durability, including less spin for straighter shots. In recent years two-piece golf balls have also featured lower compression and softer covers for golfers with slower swing speeds.

Following are some representative two-piece golf balls made by various companies.

Ball Construction
Performance Characteristics
Callaway Supersoft
Two-piece ball with soft ionomer cover and 332 Hex Aerodynamics dimple pattern.
Very soft feel, straight and long distance. For slower swing speeds. 38 compression.

Srixon Q-Star®
Two-piece ball with ionomer cover and 324 Speed dimple pattern.
Distance and control for swing speeds of 75 mph and faster. 75 compression.

Srixon Soft Feel
Two-piece ball with soft ionomer cover and 344 Aero Power dimple pattern.
Soft feel without sacrificing distance and accuracy. 60 compression.

TaylorMade Aeroburner Soft
Two-piece ball with a soft IOTHANE® (ionomer) cover and 342 dimple pattern.
Very soft feel, with distance and stopping power. 53 compression.

Titleist DT TruSoft™
Two-piece ball with soft ionomer cover and 376 tetrahedral dimple pattern.
Titleist’s softest feel, with distance and very low spin. Mid 50s compression.

Titleist NXT Tour S
Two-piece ball with Fusablend® (ionomer) cover and 302 octahedral dimple pattern.
Long distance and soft feel. Very durable. Mid 70s compression.

Titleist Velocity
Two-piece ball with thin NaZ2 (ionomer) cover and 328 tetrahedral dimple pattern.
Long distance, high trajectory and firm feel. High compression.

Wilson Staff DUO
Two-piece ball with ionomer cover and 302 dimple pattern.
Claimed to be world’s softest golf ball. 29 compression.


*Approximate price ranges from golf retailers:

$ = under $25
$$ = $25 to $39.99
$$$ = $40 and more

Next time: Multi-piece golf balls.

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Source: The Golf Ball Guide: Two-Piece Golf Balls

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